I'm Baby Face Joey's Mama! And I want to get in on the fun too!

  1. Okay Giuseppe has me hooked now too!
    I'm the one the Joseph aka baby face joey calls his Mama Judy!
    I just wanted to Thank You guys so much for all your encouragement to my BOY! Joseph 1HonoraryNurse!
    He really enjoys talking with everyone and he tells me about it all the time!
    He's been such a Delight to take care of since he's been here and he's very near and dear to my heart!
    Betcha wish he could be your patient too LOL
    But you can't have him! He's ours and we don't intend to share! Except on the board LOL
    We're thinking we need to put a wanderguard on him now so we can keep up with him! LOL
    He's just getting involved in everything!
    He very well may own this nursing home one day, (as soon as he hits that lottery!) Okay he says when he does he knows several Allnurses that he plans on recruiting. So what do you guys think? How would you like to work for a kind sweet boss who would pay you what your really worth, treat you with respect and He's such a little cutie! :kiss
    Okay I'm here and let's all have fun!
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    Does anyone else think this is getting just a little bit weird?

  4. by   WalMart_ADN
    is guiseppe gonna start his own work bulletin board?
    heather they are starting to outnumber us!!1 :chuckle :kiss
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome Mama Judy...glad to see you posting. I just mIght steel Baby Face Joey away!!!

    We can do home care and fix him up in a assisted living facility in Philly areA BUT he must like snow.
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  6. by   PennyLane
    Welcome! You guys are going to outnumber us soon. Any friend of Guiseppe's and Babyface Joey's is, well, our friend, of course!
  7. by   spineCNOR
    Welcome, MamaJudy!

    Hmmm...a kind, sweet boss who pays me what what I'm worth and treats me with respect-- I don't think my imagination will stretch far enough to imagine that!
  8. by   renerian
    Welcome momma Judy........yes Heather is it different. We welcome you Judy.

  9. by   Robin61970
    Welcome.......glad that babyface has two such caring people to take care of him and help him(not that he doesn't keep you two in line as much as you do him,LOL)!
  10. by   nursegoodguy
    Hi Mama Judy!

    Thank you guys for welcoming Judy!

    I gotta tell ya,
    You know... I'm the type of person that when I see a good movie I have to drag someone else to it!
    I can't help but give away the surprise at Christmas!
    When something makes me happy, I share it!
    When I started painting the first thing I did was to do portraits of my Residents!
    You guys make me happy, you encourage me with your words of wisdom and you make me laugh with your wit and humor.
    When I talk about you like your my family people think, "Giuseppe is Extremely different and Wierd!" (somehow I don't think I'm alone in that?
    Simply said, I cannot be selfish and keep all of you to myself, I have to share... You guys do so much for me in ways that you'll never know!
    Why share with the other people in my life that I love?
    Because I am so proud of each and every one of you!
    (besides if there's more than just me talking about all of you then people will stop thinking I am Insane!)
    There are times in each of our lives when we feel alone... I have to tell ya since I found this board I've never been alone!
    (Okay there was one time when I was the only one in off topic and I kept wondering where everyone was LOL)

    Judy, I am so glad I was able to finally drag you into my extended cyber family.... (I've been on her for months!) Some of us are a little wierd, (that's me) some of us are a little insane at times, (Oooo, that's me too) some of us are just a group of people who at times disagree, always encourage and support each other but most of all, we care about one another, (that's Allurses!)

  11. by   l.rae
    Hey MammaJudy........welcome to allnurses!........LR
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    (I've been on her for months!)
    Freudian slip? I think not.

  13. by   JonRN
    Time for a little break if he's been on her for months! Welcome to the allnurses BB and traveling nuthouse Judy. We all love G. and Joey.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WELCOME to YOU...a friend of Guiseppe is a friend to me.