I'm an Aunt finally!

  1. My first nephew was born today at 12:03PM. 7lb 4 oz and lots of hair. Of course, I haven't seen him yet cause he's in TX and I'm in FL. Going to visit in 2 weeks and can't wait to spoil the little guy.

    I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited

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  3. by   cactus wren
    Cool, Heather, being an aunt is so nice, almost as much fun as being a grama...Enjoy !!
  4. by   Lausana
    Wow today was a busy birthing day around here! Congrats Aunt Heather
  5. by   New CCU RN

    What wonderful news
  6. by   Stargazer
    Being an aunt rocks! Spoil 'em rotten, give 'em back.

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  8. by   hapeewendy

    thats awesome!

    aunts are cool, you get to be the cool aunt, give them stuff, love them and then when they annoy you, hand them back to mom n dad!
  9. by   emily_mom
    Tip: always buy loud, annoying toys that he will love and his parents will slowly lose their mind listening to. Things that play music, make a mess, or are unsafe for most flooring generally make the best gifts.

    (just remember, you will be paid back for your generosity when you have wee ones)


    BTW--- CONGRATS!!! I have 5 nephews (no nieces) and love them ALL to death!
  10. by   delirium
    Congratulations Aunt Heather!

    What's the little dude's name?
    Congrats to you! How cool!

    I myself will never get to be an "Aunt Heather." I'm an only child, and my BIL keeps having babies with crack whores. I just keep naming myself Auntie Heather to all my friends that have babies.

  12. by   spineCNOR
    Congratulations Heather! As the above posters noted--you can spoil them rotten and then give them back to Mom & Dad!
  13. by   renerian
    Congrats Heather!

  14. by   Heather333
    His name is Sean Hayden but we'll call him Hayden. I'm told he'll be coming home with mom tonight! Can't wait to see the pics. I post them when I get em!