I'm a proud momma!

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  2. This is my youngest, Amanda. Isn't she the cutest thing you ever saw? It took her three weeks to build up the courage to sit on Santa's lap.
    Let's see more kid pics! Post, post away.
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  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    How incredibly sweet!!! My son screamed every year on santa's lap until he was 4!!! We haven't seen Santa yet this year (he is 6 now) but he did write him a letter... even decorated the envelope!!! Sent straight to Santa at the North pole!! It was fun! (now... fretting about the telescope he asked santa for that was a total shock to me!!! I guess Santa will leave him a raincheck???)
  5. by   ptnurse
    How incredibly cute she is!!! My 11 yo girl would never go near Santa. My 4 yo son just hops up in his lap like they are old friends.
  6. by   Beach_RN
    anitame She is adorable! Very nice.... thanks for sharing!
    How cute!

    My kid sat on Santa's lap once, for about 30 seconds, when he was in preschool. Hasn't done it since.

  8. by   hapeewendy
    cute cute cute!!!!!!when I was in the midst of shopping hell last week I saw a kid just lose it when sitting on santa's lap
    of course being the childless enigma that I am I found the entire scene frickin hilarious......
  9. by   anitame
    I think it's sad when parents put their screaming kids on Santa's lap. What kind of crappy message is that?
    And thanks everyone. I kinda like her
  10. by   hoolahan
    How cute!!! I went to the post office the other day, nd inside, there is a decorated mailbox for kids to put their letters to Santa in the North Pole/ Never knew they did that at the post office.
  11. by   hapeewendy
    oh that box is just for kids to send their letters? cuz uhhhh I put a letter in that mailbox... Dear Santa, bring me a man...
    poor santa is gonna be all upset thinking that kids are growing up way too fast these days when he reads my letter! no worries, he will probably assume I meant a ken doll and drop one off
    what a kick in the butt that would be

    geeeeee thanks santy
  12. by   renerian
    Not to sure of old Saint Nick is she? Nice pic and thanks for sharing.

  13. by   emily_mom
    We went to see Santa on crack a few weeks ago but don't have the pictures back. Emily said his breath stunk. Going to see a REAL Santa on Sunday. But, I will shamelessly share Emily's Christmas peekture with you!
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  14. by   nursedawn67
    What a cutie!
  15. by   WalMart_ADN
    girl i swear we are one and the same. i saw a kid go ballistic on santa in the mall the other day....it was hilarious.....mom's like....honey you have to go see him we need a picture...kids like..AHHHHH...finally mom loses it and says "YOU HAVE TO ASK HIM WHAT YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS OR YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING" kid goes and hops up on santa's lap. seemed kind of traumatic to me, but hilarious just the same. and I also asked for a man for christmas!