I'm a MRS., no longer a MISS.!!!!

  1. Hey all,
    I've been very, very busy the past two weeks. As some of you may already know...I got married May 18th! It was wonderful. I'd do the whole day over if I could. Darren and I just got back two days ago from Cozumel...we were there for seven fun-filled days. We desperately want to go back. Cozumel was beautiful.

    The wedding pictures are online for the next month. I invite all of you to check them out. They are at www.gregghejna.com\ and the password is "Braves". (capitalize the B...case sensitive.) Click on 'current weddings' then chose 'Callagy/Spade'. Enter the password in the space below.

    Enjoy....we had a blast!!! :hatparty:

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  3. by   WalMart_ADN
    congrats honey!! pics are beautiful!!!! God bless in your new life together!!!!! :kiss :kiss :kiss
  4. by   shay
    Anne, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Your hubby is so handsome!! You make a great couple!!!

    Great pics Anne! It looks like it was a beautiful day.


  6. by   aimeee
    Thanks for sharing your pix, Anne! You both look great and sooooo happy! What a gorgeous gown! Best wishes for a wonderful life together. Congratulations.
  7. by   moonchild20002000

    Your pictures are beautiful!
  8. by   Jenny P
    Anne, congratulations! Hope you got your house back in order without killing yourselves before the wedding! (Or is that WHY you want to go back to Cozsumel so soon!)

    I couldn't get your pictures to come up! Do you suppose there are too many hits tonight because you posted here?

    Congratulations anyway; I'll check later.
    Jenny P
  9. by   hoolahan
    Conrgratulations to you both!!! Your pictures are great, you look gorgeous! I wish they did this fancy stuff when I was married. I love how you can share your pics like that!
  10. by   NurseDennie
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!! Sniffle, sniffle. You were so beautiful.... just lovely. How cool for the photog to post the proofs like that!!!!


  11. by   canoehead
    Wonderful! My best wishes for you both.
  12. by   kaycee
    You look beautiful!!! Congratulations. Your dress was gorgeous and your hubby's a cutie.
  13. by   prn nurse
    Congratulations! You were a beautiful bride! and your mom looked great too... and the cakes looked so yummy , and thank goodness there was no cake smashing on faces ! It looks like a wonderful wedding, I wish you could do it all again too ! Your husband looks like a fine man. You did good..
  14. by   Michelle_nurse
    Congratulations!!!! I have been meaning to look for you on knot chat, cause I remembered your wedding was in May. (I wasn't sure if you went on there though). It is all your fault that I am addicted to the knot, I found it when someone pointed it out to you or when you posted the URL a while back. I wasn't engaged at the time, but now I am and my webpage is:

    if that doesn't work, you can do a webpage search on M Alarie or S Tobin.

    Your pics are just great, I loved your dress, your rings, BM/MOH dresses, (my color scheme is navy with yellow/cream roses) ....hubby is cute too

    Would you recomend your HM resort??? I was looking into options last night, and I want to go somewhere that I have not been yet.

    Anyway congrats and best of luck, love and happiness!!!!!!!
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