if you won

  1. if you won 1 million dollars would you continue to work in nursing?
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  3. by   kjmta57
    HAH HAH Laughed my a-- off when I read this question.I think the question is what would you give back to nursing?and a million dollars dont last a life time anymore folks so what about 5 million?
  4. by   tiger
    that's why i put 1 million only. not enough to live on forever but enough so you could change things if you wanted.
  5. by   kjmta57
    I would contract someone to kidnap our govener and strap him down to a wheelchair for 12 hours with a call light not attatched to the wall and say honey Im just to busy right now I'll get there when I can.and being we are conserving electricity in california I cant turn any of the lights on.it would take a million in lawyer bills to get me 10-20 years.
  6. by   hoolahan
    I would go back to school for my matsers in library sciences, and kiss nursing goodbye!

    I would do that now, but I only get a whopping $600 per YEAR for tuition, now hoe the HELL can anyone get a masters with that? It doesn't even buy one credit!! I am considering working as a secretary at a big company so I can get 100%tution reimbursement, and my MLS.

    Nursing has served me well, and hopefully I have served nursing well, but I would leave in a heartbeat.

    Now, if we're talking $5 mil, I would never bother to work again!! I would volunteer somewhere though, maybe for a home hospice program. I would buy a nice home, maybe a small farm, get a maid, and bake cookies, and have a great garden, with LOTS of animals.

    Hey! Who threw that bucket of cold water on me?! I was having a nice little dream!
  7. by   NursePooh
    Originally posted by janetl:
    <STRONG>that's why i put 1 million only. not enough to live on forever but enough so you could change things if you wanted.</STRONG>
    It's enought to live on forever if you invest it properly
  8. by   neonnurse2
    I'd kiss floor nursing goodbye!! I'd invest it into some slow growing mutual funds and live off the interest..never, never touch the principle!! (How do you think old money heirs live???) Thats were people go wrong and claim that a million isn't enough money. While I'm living off the interest I'd go back to school and earn a degree in business or complete my BSN. Or maybe I'd work a lifestyle career, Y' know, work a ski resort/boating/resort.
    I'd buy a nice house and pay off those pesky credit cards! I would continue to work, but we're talking per diem only! I love my job and the patients and couldn't imagine walking away from it all. Besides, I've done the stay-at-home thing, and it gets pretty old after awhile!

    Of course, when I stayed at home we had less income. If I had some money to blow, that might be a different story!

  10. by   mustangsheba
    Investing is the secret. I'm so close, I would finish getting my BA and BSN but I wouldn't have to work while doing it. I would work in some little village and definitely travel. And, yes, the fantasy of the little farm is mine too. Couple of horses, organic garden, as many cats as want to live there. Sigh -
  11. by   Joeeswipe21
    I would get a degree in Forensic Nursing, could not imagine not working, but would only work part time. I would make sure my kids had a great education, and I would travel any chance I could to wonderful and exotic places. Wow!! that was fun to dream a little.
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, if I won a million dollars, let's see I'd probably only end up with half of that after Uncle Sam took his share. So I would pay off all of my and my husbands debts then I'd buy me a new car and take a nice little vacation to Florida and work my way up the East Coast. Boy It's sure nice to Dream!!

  13. by   Q.
    Hmmm..well I would pay off my debt, my parents debt, and then I would pack up and move to Vegas (actually, would live in this lovely little town down the road called Blue Diamond) and would work in the casinos doing facials and massages. I could sit in dark rooms with nice music, Aveda candles and oils, and massage people's faces. I would also buy a horse, and would buy a very used car out there, seeing as rust is not a problem. I would definitely be single. Less complicated.
  14. by   lita1857
    What a fun post and even BETTER to read the dreams.....did anyone notice a theme with gardens/animals??? just my imagination! My little fantasy revolves around getting up from my desk and humming some song like 9-5/she works hard for a living/or the likes...as I stroll out the door(in front of the boss)tah-tah bossy poo....where am I going? ANYWHERE I damn please, will I be back? not if I can help it....when will you stop this behavior? when HELL freezes over and last but not least tomorrow tomorrow...it's only a day....OOPPS! woke up from that million dollar fantasy thinking I could sing....NOT.... thanks for the fun!