If you were in Elementary School in the 60s...

  1. Do you remember the CHICKEN FAT SONG??!! They played it during Gym class. It was part of the Presidential Fitness Program instituted by JFK.

    I haven't found ANYONE else in this area who remembers this song! I heard it a few weeks ago on National Public Radio and almost wrecked my car, I was so surprised. Really dredged it out of my memory banks!

    "Touch down, every morning! Ten times! Not just now and then. Give that chicken fat back to the chicken and don't be chicken again! No, don't be chicken again!"

    "Push up, eveyry morning! Ten times! Push up, starting low. Once more on the rise, next to the flabby guys, go you chicken fat, go away! Go you chicken fat, go!"

    Anyone remember?!
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  3. by   baseline
    No.....I am happy to say ... that one escaped me!
  4. by   cbs3143
    Uhhhhhhh..... Nope!


  5. by   l.rae
    me either, but l remember saying the pledge every morning....LR
  6. by   spineCNOR
    GOSH-- I do remember that song! Reading your post was the first time I had thought about since the 60's -- PE was never my favorite class.
    (I didn't do to well in Home Ec either - maybe that's why I've never gotten married!)
  7. by   debyan
    If think I do remember the tune, that is like way back in my memory banks. I remember the don't be chicken again part, the tune, geez amd i that old? deb
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    Go, you chicken fat, gooooo!

    Yeah, I remember.... *shudder*
  9. by   cargal
    All ya had to do was ask me. Mrs Morris played it. Loved the 60's. The chicken fat song ranks right up there with bomb shelters. Liked the 70's better.
  10. by   Mkue
    oh gosh yes, wonder if that song is still played in gym classes:chuckle
  11. by   susanmary
    Too funny! I attended parochial school in the 60's and can't imagine the nuns singing that song. In fact, didn't have PE until 7 & 8th grade -- which, for girls, consisted of CALLISTENICS. Girls and boys had different sides of the gym -- in fact, we had to recess on different sides of the playground -- there was actually a PAINTED line -- God help you if you DARED cross the line. DETENTION. Honestly......... To get back to the point, never heard the chicken fat song ........
  12. by   fab4fan
    No...thank God. That looks like the kind of song that can get stuck in your head, and try as you might, you can't get it to go away.
  13. by   RN-PA
    Sorry, I don't remember that song-- sounds real, uh, memorable. I *DO* unfortunately, still remember the sting of the dodge ball, square dancing in gym class, and being one of the last chosen for teams. And I also remember when we had to do the President's Physical Fitness test each year-- UGH! You had to do 50 sit-ups in a certain amount of time, do a flexed arm hang (I think I did it for one second), run a whole lot (I ended up in Mrs. White's office on her cot because I almost fainted after the run. ~NOT~ the most athletic kid around...:imbar) and a bunch of other athletic tests that were way beyond this '60's couch potato. I was too busy watching educational and enlightening '60's TV shows like "My Mother the Car".

    I'm with spineCNOR, too; didn't do too well in home-ec either. I got a "D" on apple muffins I'd made in class and the teacher ended up changing my grade to a "D minus"-- for aftertaste!
  14. by   VivaLasViejas
    OMG, I hadn't thought about that song since high school (that was in the early & mid-'70s, though). I remember doing jumping-jacks to that little tune. WOW.

    Solid Gold....to make you feel OLD!

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