If you love senic (sp?) pics.....my hike up Borestone Mt.

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  2. On Memorial Day my boyfriend hiked up Borestone Mountain. It's here in Maine, and once we got to the top we had such a beautiful view! Although the blackflies were incredibly horrid, we managed to stay up there for quite a while. The top is all rocks with little puddles of water from the rain. Truly beautiful!!

    This is where we began, at the lake, then we eventually made our way up to where you see those big rocks on the top! Whew....
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    just a view from the top...the rest of the pics will also be views from the top, as you will be able to tell.....duh.....
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    ok, this is the last one i'm gonna post for a while, cuz i'm kinda getting sick of seeing my face staring back at me!!!

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    Kristi915, These pictures are really beautiful. You should submit them to a photography magazine.Thanks for sharing! Gilda
    Boooootiful pics Kristi! Thanks for sharing them!

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    Looks great ! How long did it take to get to the top? Where in Maine is it? Was there anyone else hiking when you all were?
    Are those flies there all summer and fall??
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    Well, thankfully I still have my brochure...

    Borestone Mountain is in Monson, Maine. Up north, above Greenville (another awesome town in Maine)
    Once we got into Monson we had this looong drive on this nicely paved twisty, turny, hilly, road. We parked at the end in a little space they made for parking, and started our hike. We started hiking at 12 noon, it took us about 45 mins to walk up the path they made that led to the lake you saw in the first pic.

    Once we got to the lake we paid, and started up the Mt. It's so weird how the trail goes, one minute you're jumping rocks to get across a little stream, the next your grabbing onto rocks and pulling yourself up the Mt.! Once you get to the top, it's all rock summits, you can climb on the rocks (at your own risk) or follow the marked trail. Getting to the top felt so good. By the time we got up there it had to of been 4:00, so we're talking a 4 hour hike up. So basically an 8 hour hike!

    It is worth it though. There were a few people coming down once we got towards the top, and we had a few people behind us. The hardest part you would think was the way up! No way!! On the way down, our knees were shaking, we felt like our legs were going to go out from under us. Because of the steep decline down...all the way down...

    The blackflies weren't too bad at noon time, but on the way down they were all over us. I was picking live and dead ones out of my hair the whole way down. I had bug bites on my butt!!! Still don't know how they got there....the best bug stuff is Skeet. It's made for animals and deer, but humans can use it, but it's wicked toxic smelling, and chemically.

    Black flies usually aren't too bad where I live, but once you're in the damp woods, they're all over you! But I don't want to discourage you from hiking, because it is sooo worth it!! Hope my info helped... I'll try to find a website of a map for ya.
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    Ok, I'll do a couple more pics...
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    Do you see the train bridge???
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    One more!

    Sorry, couldn't resist putting my sweetie in here!! :kiss
    Plus it looks good with the background
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    just found it. Niiiice pics
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    Awesome !! Thanks for sharing. What a way to travel !!