If you haven't stuffed the turkey yet...

  1. Cool easy way to do the turkey.

    Saw Jacques Pepin, my fav chef and Julia Childs do this.

    Flip the turkey back-side up, you can tell by where the neck bone was cut, that is the back bone(s). Cut along either side w/ a sharp knife and removed the whole back bone. Save it in a ziploc, great for making soup later in the week.

    Then remove each thigh and leg keeping them attached to each other. From the thigh, cut around and remove the thigh bone. Leave the leg bone, except for the stumpy end. Lay it on a table, and whack off the "knee" bone, or end of your leg, with a sharp knife a few well-placed whacks will do it.

    OK now you have a large breast with wings attached and two thigh/leg combos.

    Make whatever stuffing you want.

    You are supposed to remove the wish bone, but this year I couldn't find it, so I just cracked it, so the breast lays a little flatter. Place a big pile of stuffing in your pan in a mound, then lay the split breast on top. Then, pick up each thigh/leg, and mound/place some stuffing on the exposed (no skin) side of the thigh. Place these beside the breast stuffing side down.

    Season and cook as usual. This makes it very easy to serve, and really easy to get to the stuffing. Now, when you take the legs out, from the cut-off stumpy ends, you can very easily remove the 4 tendons that create a sinewy effect in the legs, they will be sticking out of the end of the legs, pull gently, they just slide right out.

    The first time I did this, I loved how easy it was to serve the turkey. Wish I could show you pics, I did try to find their instructions on-line, but couldn't.

    Enjoy all. PS I also save any other bones I may have removed that have any decent amt of meat attached for the soup.

    Happy Thanksgiving.