IF the snow aint enough

  1. gee i wonder why half our population is on anti-depressents! if all the snow and cold,cold weather (still in the 40's here) isn't enough, we had 2 tornados touch down last week in the southern tier, wreaking one house, nobdy was hurt, and a friggen earth quake 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    today the totally incompetent mayor who was re-elected by the incompetent citizens of hell announced today the 75 cops and 9 firemen are to be laid off, 3 fire houses closed, 75 vacancies left unfilled, 325 civilian's employees are to loose their jobs and taxes are going up, not to mention my season pass to the municipal golf course went up $10. not that i can play cuz the weather totally sux.

    on top of that, the only hope to bring any revenu into the area, a casino, is to be vote on by the seneca nation next week, and in their ignorance and total lack of foresite and love of a regressive city are probably going to vote against it. and people wonder why i'm such a grouch.

    i kinda wish i was laid off, which may be a possibilty in the not to distant future since we have ben running about %50 cencus, so my wife would have to move.

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  3. by   CATHYW
    Poor Kewl. )-: I do have to wonder what you like about the frozen tundra! Summers must be totally awesome, and must last about, oh, say, 6 weeks? LOL!
    Actually, I know a little whereof you speak. I have relatives that live in East Aurora. They've told stories of letting their dog out an upstairs window onto a snowdrift to do his thing, because they (of course!) couldn't open any of the doors. That is what I call being snowed in!

    Kewl, as far as your City Government goes, I think that Buffalo should have a recall of that Mayor. Buffalo has always been kind of a dangerous city. My Mom went up there in '67 to stay with her sister at Buffalo General (terminal breast CA; age 36). She was scared sh**less most of the time she was there. They had policemen walk visitors to their cars, way back then. I can't imagine what it is like now!

    Why don'tcha ya'll call it a day, pack it up, and move on down south? There is more to life than watching the frozen tundra blossom for a few weeks!
  4. by   Jenny P
    Kewl, why does your wife love Buffalo so much? If it's her family that's keeping you there, you could move up to 350 miles away and she could still go home every w/e to see them (that is IF she isn't a nurse! LOL!). Just getting off the East end of the Great Lakes would help with the snow situation. I live 320 miles from my hometown, and used to go home at least twice a month when my kids were little-- we had my Hubby's family to deal with and my working every other w/e; so I couldn't get back home every week.
  5. by   kewlnurse
    I really don't know what it is that she likes Jenny, but she won't move. Won't even talk about it.

    Kathy, I work at Buffalo General, crime isn't that bad, although if you leave at night i would suggest having securiy escort you.
  6. by   misti_z
    You know there is always room for you down here!!!!!:spin:
  7. by   Furball
    Lotsa empathy here Kewl, north of Albany but not as bad as Tim Russert country.

    My son had a baseball game last night....38 degrees! The poor pitchers could barely hold the ball in their frozen little paws. Balls were bouncing off batters heads (thank God for helmets) and flying over the umps head. They would all make faces of pain when making a hit. Cold hands, cold bat. Parents were doing a strange "gotta get warm" dance at the fences. Felt that earthquake too a few weeks ago. And I laughed at my MIL for having earthquake insurance....silly me.

    Can you drag your wife somewhere nice for vacation? That's how I convinced my hubby to move south. We go in 2 weeks!

    You have my sincerest condolences. (sic?)
  8. by   zumalong
    Kewl- Living the next city over in Rottenchester (rochester) I can sympathize. I know that the biggest problem is our state. We are New York, but we don';t live in the CITY so here in western NY we might as well be in another country.

    Our city school is looking to lay off all the SW, librarians, music and art teachers, and any other teacher they can get their hands on due to a budget deficit that they created and did not tell the public about until it was too late.

    I am probably going to be laid off from my LPN teaching job because their is no money in the budget. Tell my how you can help a nursing shortage if you can't train nurses???? What I would like to know is where did all the money go that every single American donated for 9-11???? That is the current reason for lack of funds.

    I can't wait until we have a little more equity in our house--North Carolina here we come.