IDEA...good or bad?

  1. I think I aught to convince my 11 year old stepson to get his ears pierced and color his hair apple green before we put him on the plane back to his Mom next month
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  3. by   canoehead
    He would probably go for it. How about a tattoo of a naked lady on each forearm?
  4. by   kids
    Naw...thats permanent...
    course his Mom does claim to have a bad heart...:stone

    Many advance apologies to custodial Moms & Dads who are having to deal with psyco Exs and step parents this summer (been there, done that) I really am a very nice stepmom.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Use temporary tattoos!!!!

    I had the stepwitch from Hell - I found that discussing my sex life and smoking clove cigarettes was always good for ending visits. When she offered a beer, I would decline, saying that I would prefer whiskey and water. But I guess those wouldn't work for 11 year old - and might get you arrested.

    Try having him brag about how great you are, how much his friends think you are beautiful and cool, how good you cook, and your great charitible works (you are a wonderful, smart nurse, you know). As a Southern girl, sometimes the subtle approach is the most effective.
  6. by   donmurray
    How about a clip-on nose ring?
  7. by   kewlnurse
    Do the ear ring, but not the hair, not green anyway, maybe bleech it or somthing
  8. by   boggle
    Than again, there is the temporary green hair dye- washes out in a day or two or three.........
  9. by   boggle
    But really Kids-R- Fun, probably best not to mess with the mom's head. Better that you come off as the more mature person in the kids eyes too!
  10. by   Jenny P
    Kids, if the kid wants to, go for it! My daughter has had hair every color of the rainbow over the past few years (and even several colors at once)--it grows out! Piercings are more permanent, as are tatoos; so I didn't go along with that as much as the hair dye. My daughter does have pierced ears, but my son doesn't. He pierced his tongue but ended up with a raging tooth infection and the dentist told him that his pierced tongue could lead to septicemia-- so no more piercings for him (and he let the tongue hole grow shut).
  11. by   kids
    I am a bio-Mom that was blessed by the fact my ex ignored his kids for 10 years (really was better for them).

    This is my 3rd round of being a stepMom, 'my' youngest is 16, I potty trained him for his Mom one summer... I established and have maintained a good relationship with the Mothers of my former SO's children. I have always felt priveleged to be a part of these kids lives and even when I did not agree with things I kept my mouth shut. I refused to bad mouth their Moms and would not tolerate their Dads doing it in front of them, I have also made a point of not being the 'fun' Mom...all of my step kids continue to be a part of our lives, at most any given time there is an extra kid
    here. Everyone of them knows there is always room at the dinner table, all it costs is a hug. The real test is that my 3 kids enjoy the same sense of Welcome at their step-sibs homes. I am pretty darn good at this step-Mom thing.

    OK, now I'll b***h.

    (names are changed to protect me from the psycho)

    We picked Cody up on May 23 for a 6 week visit while we were on vacation.
    bio-Mom sent 2 pair of beat up jeans, 2 pair of shorts, 4 t-shirts, 2 pair of sox and (get this) 14 pair of underwear (oh, and his Play Station 2). Really nice huh? We have sent him $500 worth of NEW clothes since September, yes they still fit him (I asked) apparently Mom told him he didn't need to take any more clothes, we could buy him more if he needed them. We were in Walmart the day we got back (needless to say we did not buy any underwear).

    He flew back with us on on May 27.

    He takes Adderall, Zyprexa & Paxil (long story, no I don't think he needs all ofthe meds), coming for 6 sent 16 days of refills on the scrips...she tells us she will get the scrips from the Doc and mail them to us...she didn't (did I mention she is an RN?). Thank God my kids have gone to the same Ped for 18 years, he has agreed to see Cody on Wednesday and write his scrips.

    Cody wears monthly disposable contacts...sent him with no spares...says she will mail them...she didn't, not that it matters anyway, he lost one before we even left to come home. We got his glasses scrip faxed to me, took him to Walmart and bought him a $50 pair of glasses, not covered by the insurance as she maxed out his benefit on contacts (for an 11 year old?).

    I, my Husband and Cody have emailed his bio-Mom several times with no response. Cody has called her 5 times, the only time he has talked to her was the day after we got back, yes he has left messages.

    Yes, we are pretty certain she is still alive (I have the receipts that my emails were read).

    She is expecting a child support check on the 10th...we are not sending it...that may get her attention.

    As crazy as Cody is driving us all she will be DARN lucky to get him back at all at the rate she is going...
    Washington State will assume jurisdiction of a non-resident child if a parent is a resident, the child has been here >30 days and there has been a substancial lack of parental involvement by the 'out of state' parent and there has been no attempt to conceal the child. And for some reason she sent his SS card and birth certificate with him.


    My 3 kids and I have all done the rainbow hair.

    I have many tattoos, 18 yo boy has 2, 21 yo girl has 3
    I have multiple piercings (in addition to my ears), 18 yo has both ears X2 and tongue, 21 yo girl has multiple (again not all ears) 17 yo has eye brow. Husband has NONE...lives his body adornment fantasies vicariously through me (he finances and watches).
  12. by   bandaidexpert are a genius! Hubby's boy is going to his mom's for the summer.....she would just freak. I can't believe I didn't think of that
  13. by   live4today
    kids...been there done that as a stepmom to a sixteen and a half year old. We had him living with us for one year recently. Hardly ever heard from the mom during that time. Once she got him back (to make a painfully long story shortest), she sued for back child support declaring my husband owed her child support for the year the boy lived with us...with HER permission mind you. Anyhoo...after my hubby paid out several thousand dollars to protect himself from the goons here in TX who arrest on the spot if you owe child support...he was FINALLY cleared of her stupid charges. One and a half more years before that kid turns 18, and she can kiss those child support checks goodbye. She's been one hell-of-a PITA in our lives...the cost one pays when marrying a man with "knee babies" as my baby sister calls them. :chuckle
  14. by   MPHkatie
    Uggggh. I think if Cody is with you, why the heck should Mom get child support... but I do not think like the state.
    All I can say is that, i think it is probably very good for him to be in a different atmosphere for the summer. and you have definitely shown him that (even though he is driving everyone crazy) he is important and it matters that he has clothes/meds/etc. I say if her wants green hair, go for it. He sounds as if he is better off hanging with Dad and you. Is he doing any better than when he first arrived?