I would like to talk to SG-1 fans!

  1. Would like to talk about last Friday's 3 hour show which started 7th season. First hour was a "lowdown" episode. It rocked, I loved it. What a bunch of brilliantly cool people. All through the show Michael Shanks came across as a real primadonna. However, at the end they were filming him from ground shot, he suddenly said, "is this a good angle for me?". It hit me like a bolt of lightning that the whole time he had been pulling our leg. How did you take it? After the initial "lowdown" hour the actual SG-1 episode seemed a bit slow but I enjoyed it. I think I got crush on Richard Dean Anderson, only super hero on tv that is close to my age. If only Jack O'Neill had that sweet smile. The other people kept talking about Rick and all his antics, it took me 40 minutes to realize that they were talking about Anderson.
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  3. by   sphinx
    Well, hellll-oooo.

    heck, you're callin' my name oramar, LOL!!!!

    (you hit my obsession right on the head here).

    My thoughts....

    I loved the lowdown! Those people are a bunch of nuts! I esp love seeing Chris Judge, as he is so different offscreen from his character. Actually, Amanda Tapping too. Friends who have met both of them say they are both really great people. I actually got a kick out of Shanks, yeah he did have that prima donna air, and yeah I figure it was some tongue in cheek stuff....but after reading some of the interviews done with him when he first left the show (he seemed so....ugh), it was nice to see him let loose a bit!

    I liked the 2 part opener, butof the 2 parts,I liked Homecoming better. Fallen seemed kind of stilted, almost like they tried to squish too much stuff into the one hour time. I must say, I enjoyed seeing Jonas and Daniel together, I think they actually made a nice team! I'm sorry Jonas is leaving.....(I was teary eyed at the end). I enjoyed him in the 6th season, esp his interactions with Teal'c and Sam. But I enjoy Daniel too, I admit. I'm not on either side of that fandom war (I'm on several SG-1 lists and boards, and man that Daniel vs Jonas stuff gets ugly!)

    Hey, it's hard *not* to appreciate RDA!!!!!! I'm not near his age, and find him to be quite the cutie! Have you ever seen his daughter? She's adorable. It's gonna be weird this season, with him being around slightly less....but I hear it will give the other characters room to develop, and I am really looking forward to that!!!!

    Now I was actually just about to "re-view" the season opener.....I was pretty tired Friday night, and feel it deserves my closer attention! And heck, I should be getting my season 3 box set this week in the mail, so it is a banner week for me! (I'd better shut up now before I bore everyone to tears)
  4. by   karenG
    oh no!!!!!!!!!!! what am I missing??????

    I love SG-1!! but not sure what season we are on here- they are all repeats at the moment

  5. by   VickyRN
    My husband LOVES that show. Good blend of actors, wonderful storylines, very clean and entertaining.
  6. by   sphinx
    Karen.....here in the US, on the Sci-fi channel, Season 7 started this past Friday. For you over there, if you have Sky, I believe you should get season 7 in September (and overcome us mid season when we have our midseason break). If you don't have sky, I believe you're a season behind????? Here in the states, if you don't have Sci-fi, syndication is a season behind. You should be able to download new episodes though, if you're interested in that kind of thing.
  7. by   karenG
    oh thanks sphinx! I have sky so guess I will get season 7 soon!! mind you.....I dont mind watching repeats!!!

  8. by   oramar
    Oh my gosh sphinx are we birds of a feather or what? I am just waiting for my hubby to nod off so I can pop my tape in and watch the whole thing again. He is NOT a Sci Fi fan and that is an understatement. Have seen a picture of "RICK's" little girl when she was baby but that is all.
  9. by   sphinx
    Oramar, RDA was recently on the Wayne Brady show, and had his little girl on for a bit, and she is indeed a cutie pie!!!!
  10. by   sphinx
    Karen, I never mind repeats either.........I've seen every episode sooo many times, although season 6 episodes only maybe twice, LOL!
  11. by   oramar
    "In my culture, I would be well within my rights to dismember you"..... Teal'c HE HE, love it love it love it
  12. by   sphinx
    Some of the lists/boards I mentioned:

    My favorite is http://www.gateworld.net/
    It's a great site to start off with....comprehensive info about the show with up to date news, spoilers, etc. The forum there is very active, and I read it daily. (lurk-lurk)

    Other lists I'm on are through yahoo groups. The biggest and most active by far is sg1-fans. You have to sign up for yahoo groups, do a search on the group name, then sign up. I get mine in the mail, but you can read postings online too. I'm on a couple smaller ones too, sg1-tauri and SG1. There's hundreds of groups no matter what you're into be it technical matters, one particular character, pairing off of certain characters, fan fiction, etc.

    Other good sites include:

    heavily, heavily slanted towards Daniel fan-atics. These folks were invloved with the massive campaigning to get Michael Shanks to sign back on. The web site is very good though. They also have a forum which isn't too bad, but again very Daniel oriented.

    also a good site, has multimedia stuff, VCR updates for when your favorite SG1 actor appears on another show besides sg1, etc

    some of the actors have nicely done webpages, usually created by dedicated fans:


    This website has a listing of, get this-sg-1 music videos, made by fans. Some are funny, if quality lacks!

    and here's a link to an upcoming Stargate convention inSeptember......my hubby and I've had our tickets for a year!!!

    Well, that's it for tonight! I waited and waited for the chat with Amanda Tapping tonight, but it was running quite late, then I seemed to have gotten booted.

    There are upcoming chats this week at:

    Richard Dean Anderson Wed 9pm EST
    Christopher Judge Thurs 9pm EST

    night 'all, from your resident Stargate'aholic, LOL!
  13. by   oramar
    Sphinx, I fall on the ground and kiss your feet. For anyone who is interested sphinx posted these links at my request. I am starting to check them out right now.
  14. by   sphinx
    Hey no problem! I have a bunch more in my favorites....more specific to wallpapers, guest star webpages, smaller forums I don't go to as much, etc. A lot of them you can find links to right from the pages I already mentioned, but if you are ever looking for something specific, let me know.