I witnessed a wreck today!

  1. so, I'm going up the interstate..on my way to a dreaded dental appt..
    about 50 feet in front of me, an 18-wheeler in the left lane, a little passengar car in the right. The 18 wheeler swerves to the right a bit and then APPEARS to see the car, and just as I start to let my foot off the brake that I was preparing to press as he began to swerve (am I spelling that right??), he plows back to the right. Sent the car off the road, across a ditch and up a huge imbankment..then out of sight. I am in instant horror. I notice the truck never hit his brakes after the impact, so I go through a quick debate..do i get the tag # or stop? I rationalize that he's probably going to the next exit to turn around and there is likely injuries in the car, so I stop. A 17 yr old child emerges at the top of the imbankment about the time I reach the bottom. Her first reaction..I will forever remember..she threw her arms and hands to the sky..and thanked God. Then she stumbled down the embankment and collapsed in my arms crying. Her worst visable injury was a hematoma to her forearm. She even, against my advice, climbed back up the embankment to get her cell phone. Her car was probably totalled (a very nice Mazda btw), her progress was stopped when she hit a row of small trees. I still can't believe her car didn't flip as it went through the ditch.

    I still can't believe the bas#$@* RAN!!! I sooooooo wish I had gone after him.
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  3. by   Mkue
    I can't believe he didn't stop !.. that is terrible, maybe someone else got his tag hopefully ! She must have been petrified.
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Wow thank god the girl was ok!
  5. by   jdomep
    I am glad she was ok...You are a wonderful person for stopping! I am sure that young girl will never forget that...
  6. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by jdomep
    I am glad she was ok...You are a wonderful person for stopping! I am sure that young girl will never forget that...
    Thanks, jdo..
    I had actually, after dealing with the pains of lawyers, decided I'd NEVER stop after witnessing another accident.

    just goes to show you..
    i'm a mother and a nurse...
    you can't over-ride those feelings
  7. by   jevans
    you poor thing. I hope that you feel OK now. Horrible situation to be in.


    what a rush but boy the downer is a bummer
  8. by   researchrabbit
    How wonderful that you were there! She really needed you...when another kid ran into my daughter's car, another mom stopped for her...my daughter didn't get her name but I am forever grateful she was there to soothe her. A car accident is scary at any age, but even worse for a relatively new driver.

    BTW...does this mean you got to miss the dreaded dentist appt?!
  9. by   sanakruz
    I saw a man get run over by a truck once. My first reaction was to scream! Thern I jump out of my car and ran over to him. He was STILL CONSCIOUS. He lay prone and another woman called his wife on her cell. I had literally expected to see brains. The young kid that hit him was badly shaken. He had been cut-off by another driver making a right on red. He over-corrected and hit this poor guy jogging-then ran him over!
    The guy called me the next day.He was ok except for 24 sutures he received when the xray tech ASKED HIM TO STAND! He fell to the floor and hit his head! The accident occured across the street from the hospital.
    I swear, any excuse to miss a dental appointment.

    Seriously, I witnessed an accident involving a smart azz teenager and a semi a couple of years back, and it was horrible. Luckily everyone was OK, and once I gave the officer my info and walked back to my car, I puked.

    Hopefully someone saw it and got the trucks plate number. Weird decision to have to make, follow the truck or stay with the victim.

  11. by   hoolahan
    Tracy you did the right thing. The trucker won't get away with it, it'll come back to haunt him, and he will be busted.
  12. by   prmenrs
    Good job, Tracy! If you DID make it to the dentist-ick-, I hope they gave you some GOOD drugs!!
  13. by   StrugglinStuden
    I witnessed what I could only describe as a suicide mission. Motorcycle going down interstate about 100 mph. ( I was going about 80 & he passed me like I was sitting still). Anyway, this guy had plenty of room to get infront of me in my lane, because in his lane right in front of him was an 18 wheeler. This guy just kept going... Right into the back of this truck! I have never seen a motorcycle fly straight into the air. Then it bounced down the freeway. I slammed on my brakes and swerved off the road. The 18 wheeler stopped, along with myself and another car. They went off into the field to find him, while I (who did not care to go looking for a decapitated idiot) stayed by our cars and called police. They ended up finding him, and wheeled him out of the field in a body bag. poor soul. I think I smoked a whole pack of ciggarrets in the next 30 min. Took me a few hours to settle my nerves.
  14. by   PennyLane
    That story brought tears to my eyes. The terror that girl went through, only to find out she's alive after all. You did the right thing, of course. More important to check on the life of the victim than chase down the perp.

    I was in a pretty bad accident last year, and while I was waiting for the police, a nice couple let me sit in the passenger seat of their car. The husband got out and talked to the police (they were witnesses; it wasn't my fault) and the wife let me use her kleenex. I think I went through a whole box.

    At the end of it all they said they thought I was young, like a freshman in college. I get that all the time. They kept saying they had a son my age.