I went to the dentist today

  1. Boy was I ever in for a surprise! I just stopped in my dentist's office today to schedule an appointment with the dental hygenist. I had a dentist appt back in september, and he told me that my teeth were really in need of a deep cleaning. I have gone to the dentist every year of my life for cleaning, always the DENTIST did it.

    Anyway, she had time available today to get me in. I was expecting a "cleaning" like I have always had. Ya know..the "fingernails on a chalkboard" scraping kind. WRONG. The hygenist told me that I had numerous calcifications of tartar UNDER my gums, and would have to have a root stripping or something like that. I can't remember what she called it.

    SO, she has to NUMB me to clean my teeth! And it was still painful! And now, even though my entire mouth is still numb, and my son laughs at me because I am drooling all over myself and can't talk right.

    She told me that I had moderate to sever gingivitis, and said I was lucky I came in sooner than later on, because it could have easily gone down into my roots and bone around my teeth!!!! She also told me that NO DENTIST is trained to clean teeth the correct way I thought that was their job????

    So anyway... it is really bizarre because my mouth hurts, yet it is numb from my cheekbones and nose down to my chin!

    Does anyone know how long it takes for lidocaine to wear off??? I had my last injection around 2 PM and it is now 5:30.... I am feeling it get tingly now, but it is annoying!

    The other thing that really annoys me is when they use the lido with epi in it! That stuff really gives me the shakes and makes me feel like I am having a panic attack! I think from now on I will tell them that I am allergic to the lido with epi so that I don't get that reaction anymore!
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    OUCH!! I feel for you, I really do!

    I had this procedure done several years ago......"root plaining" (sp) and I have had problems with sensitivity ever since! I had some tartar problem in the back bottom on the left and needed this deep cleaning and the numbness wore off in about 4 hours, (wish it hadn't)
    I go to a different dentist now who numbs me up everytime I get cleaned. He says that I do not have any signs of gingivitis......go figure!

    Either way, I HATE the dentist.

    Good luck! Hope you are feeling better soon!
  4. by   natsfanrn
    Ow, sorry about your experience. I had a similar experience a few years back. We had just moved and I had to give up the dentist I had been seeing for most of my adult life. For the last few years I was seeing him, he didn't have a hygienist and did all the cleaning himself (long story -- he evaded his taxes, ended up in the slammer, and when he returned to his practice the IRS was garnishing his wages so he couldn't afford the help). I thought it was great, though -- he was absolutely painless and always told me I was doing a great job with brushing/flossing. Then, when we moved and I went to a new dentist, the hygenist took one look at my mouth and asked how long it had been. When I told her 6 months, she couldn't believe it. She said never, never have a dentist clean your teeth -- they're absolutely clueless about how to do a real good deep cleaning.

    She also numbed me up real good and it took til the end of the day for it to wear off. After that, I've refused to be numbed because the effects of the numbing are worse than the pain of the procedure IMHO.

    Hope you feel better soon
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    it can take HOURS....I had a root canal and it took about 6 hours (I realize more lidocaine was used) but it does take time. I am sorry you had such an ordeal. I hate the necessary evil of dentistry....all of it. but I go faithfully every 6 months so I can stay healthy.
    Wow. This may sound really stupid, but I didn't know the lido had epi in it? That's probably why I get all nervous and tachy and feel like my heart is in my throat and I can't sit still.

  7. by   baseline
    I have had all kinds of deep cleaning, and the peridontist did it....no pain. But I also had the gums cut and the roots laser cleaned or whatever.....not much fun. But still just a dull aching.
  8. by   Lausana
    no not the D word!! (rubs sore wisdom teeth cheeks)

    hope you feel better Shandy!
  9. by   hoolahan
    Heather, not all lido does have epi in it. The one w epi is used for the vasoconstrictive properties, so for deep cleaning, maybe they expected her gums to bleed, so they used that kind. If you tell them you have a heart problem or high BP they can't use the lido w epi.

    As for the tartar below the gums, this may sound stupid, but my hygenist showed me how to floss the right way, and I don't think I ever knew you were supposed to get the floss down under the gum line. I admit it, I floss when something gets stuck...period! They always remark that "Oh what a good job you do with your teeth I can tell you floss daily, but you need to do it twice daily. Uh, when I have time to paint me fingernails and pamper myself I will floss twice daily...maybe when pigs fly!
  10. by   ShandyLynnRN
    well, believe it or not, the numbness wore off about 30 minutes after I posted... so I guess it lasted about 4 hours.

    My mouth is still really sore. I guess that's a thought for weight loss... daily visits to the dental hygenist!!! LOL.

    I had a bad experience with the lido with epi when I had my wisdom teeth taken out.. all four, under a local. I couldn't afford the general anesthesia. After freaking out because of major palpitations and shortness of breath, they explained that the epi was for bleeding control.... HOWEVER, they hadn't mentioned for me to NOT take my phenteramine that day... that was in the Phen/fen days....

    Hopefully, this soreness will go away by tomorrow!
  11. by   CountrifiedRN
    I had the same thing done last year. If I remember right it was only sore for about a day.

    I always ask for the lido with out epi because I can't stand the feeling the epi gives me.

    My dentist tells me that he likes the lido with epi not only due to decreased bleeding, but because it also lasts longer. But I have never suddenly regained feeling with out it.

    It usually takes a little while for the lidocaine to completely numb me, and most of the dentists I've seen would rather try to hurry it along by giving me another shot instead of wait 15 minutes. By the time I walk out of the dentists office I am numb up to my temples and into my scalp!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!