I watched my city burn today

  1. I was in the bank at 9:30 am when people started screaming.  I went home & turned on the news & saw a plane circle the 2nd tower & slam right into it & explode around the building.  Then I watched as the buildings fell a little while later. Its unbelievable.  It looks like Beirut here. It looks like the aftermath of the great earthquake of El Salvador. I just cant believe this has happened.  How did this happen??.....

    The first plane hit the Tower 1 and of course the news crews & emergency people all responded on the scene.  While they were helping victims on the street and filming the story, another plane came from over the Statue of Liberty (a no-fly zone!) and headed straight for Tower 2 & slammed right into it.  The offices inside exploded into fire & people jumped out of the windows to escape the flames.  The news crews got the whole thing on film. An hour later while they were still filming the story, the buildings fell down & thats all caught on film too.  A horrific moment in history captured forever.....

    Its being reported that no US pilot will ever hit a terrorists target and will bring the plane down & crash it himself or die trying, so the pilot might have been killed & the plane commandeered by the suicide-terrorists.  There is speculation that the plane that went  down in Pittsburg may have crashed because the pilot crashed it himself - choosing the sacrifice rather than hit the target - which may have been Camp David or another DC landmark.  If so, he is a hero.  The NY planes, if the pilot was still at the controls, would have been sacrificed & crashed into the water instead to save the lives of those thousands at the World trade Center.   It didnt, so the terrorists must have been flying that plane......  

    How did this happen???  Didnt anybody notice those Boston plans that were supposed to be going to LA were going in the wrong direction?  It took an hr & a half for them to get to NY - didnt anybody notice something wrong in that time - like those planes are supposed to be headed WEST?  The air space around the Statue of Liberty is off limits, so didnt anybody notice a passenger jet flying towards it & then past it?  Didnt anybody notice on radar that 2 big jets were a little too low in the sky?..... This is so unbelivable....  Im sorry if Im rambling.  I just cant believe it......

    Thousands of people are lying dead in the streets.   People jumped out of windows 100 stories above the ground rather than burn in the jet-fueled fires that exploded in their offices.  Thousands more are buried in the rubble.  Cops, firemen, emts - the emergency personnel who were first on the scene - were crushed when the next plane hit & the tower fell on them.  People who got out of the burning, collapsing buildings after walking down 110 stories of stairs & thought they were safe got killed by falling debris & bodies once they got out on the street.  Fires in many other buildings are still burning out of control - 24 hrs later.   It looks worse than photos of London during WW II.  Like a bomb was dropped on us....  The 3rd tower collapsed and so did another nearby building.  4 buildings gone from the NY Skyline & another still on fire is threatening to fall.....

    Last week I was in the card store & on impulse, I bought 10 post cards of the NYC Skyline for no reason at all.  Dont ask me why.  I dont know. Now that skyline is gone.   I cant believe it....  

    My brother works in the UPS offices there.  The phone lines were dead all day in the whole city.  For 6 hrs I thought he was somewhere in the fires.  I went down to the harbor to watch what was happening from the Staten Island side thinking my brother was dead.  There was nothing to see but a sunny blue sky, tranquil water, & a skyline I no longer recognize.  And fire.  And black smoke engulfing the city.  I took pictures. Then his daughters ran up behind me & there was my brother standing next to me.  He had had an MD appointment for his hernia and didnt go to work..... he came down to the harbor to watch too!  Imagine!...

    But my fireman cousin was in the midst of it. We had no phone lines all day. We didnt know what happened to him. His mother was notified that his company was reported missing in the collapse. But we have been blessed. He is the sole survivor of his entire squad. 5 companies and 7 squads of firemen are still missing.

    The entire downtown of NYC has been evacuated.  People were told to go home & all the buildings, offices & business shut down.  So did the subways & buses. The streets are closed to traffic.  People who live in the area had to leave their homes.  All the stores are closed, government buildings in the whole city are shut down & under armed guard.  Even the banks & post offices are closed with police guards   The whole city is shut down.  NY is stopped in its tracks.  How could this happen???...

    The National Guard is here.  The US Armed Forces are here.  The Statue of Liberty has an armed Coast Guard barricade around her island.  The bridges are blocked & under police guard. Navy battleships are converged in the harbor.  NYC is closed.  We are under full terrorist alert.  Ive only seen this kind of thing in old war movies.  Its so unreal.  The kids were sent home from school - if their parents could get there to pick them up.  Those whose parents couldnt get home were staying at the schools well into the night.... The whole city is crying.  And flying American flags EVERYWHERE. NYC is red, white, & blue today. Because it is not just about us.  We were only the beginning.  Everyone should be careful in Chicago & LA.....  Read Stalin's book on Dominence.  These terrorists seem to be following the strategic plan of attack described in that book......

    Lower Manhattan (the financial district, Wall Street, downtown areas) were evacuated.  How do you evacuate millions of people from a huge section of a city and not have any way for the people to get out?  Everybody was let out of all the buildings in the area at the same time.  But all transportation had been shut down.  With no way to get away from there all they could do was to walk.  After the inital panic & confusion during the attack, thousands upon thousands of people calmly just started walking the narrow little downtown cobblestone streets uptown towards the Bronx.  20,000 people walked across the bridge to Queens.  Another 10,000 people walked thru the smoke across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn Heights to try to get home from there.  Typical NYers - taking it all in stride.....

    The boro of Staten Island, at 16 miles from ground zero, is isolated - cant get on & cant get off. All 4 bridges were shut down - open only to emergency vehicles only. Cops with shot guns were manning the highways especially leading to the airports & tunnels. Last night, a van filled with explosives was caught heading towards the George Washington Bridge which connects northern NYC, at the Bronx, to NJ. Had that van not been caught, the famous GWB in north NYC may have been blown up - while all focus, emergency personnel & resources were downtown in south NYC. Its like the script of a Bruce Willis movie.

    The calm and silence in NYC is eery & amazing.  There is no noise, chaos or panic.  There is no sound.  No traffic on the ground, under the ground, or in the air.  Everything is closed.  The sun is shining bright, the sky is a crystal clear blue, the air is warm & summery...  & there is no sound - the city that never sleeps is silent.  I think maybe we are all too shocked even to talk.  No one can stop crying.  All they can do & are doing is hang out an American flag & go donate blood. The lines at the Red Cross & hospital blood banks are blocks long. Everybody has a relative or friend in the World Trade Center complex & surrounding area..... 50,000 thousand people work in the WTC.  The news reports are that this is a disaster 10 times worse than the Oklahoma Bombing & Pearl Harbor together.......

    My cousin's entire company of firefighters is dead.  They were killed when the building fell on them.  He wasnt in the same exact place as them at the moment.  He has broken ribs from fighting another fire, is on limited-duty & was ordered to remain on the street with his truck rather than participate in the rescue effort. He is the only survivor of his firehouse.  My brother in laws family are all firefighters.  We havent heard from any of them yet.  202 firemen are lost - including the top brass - Fire Commissioner, First Deputy (who led the NYC Rescue Delegation in the Oklahoma Bombing), and the Fire Chief. 260 cops are lost. EMS workers are also missing. They all had been the first on the scene triaging on the street & assisting people after the first hit. The second hit fell down on them. The Mayor had been with the Fire Chief addressing the fire company and had just walked away. 5 minutes later the tower collapsed & the whole company was gone. NJ, Conn, and Mass have sent their own cops firemen & ambulances to take their place.

    During the night, 5 firemen, 2 Port Authority policemen & 6 citzens were pulled alive from the rubble. 10 people were pulled out this morning - some using cell phones to direct workers to their locations. How many survivors is that? There are 50,000 people who work in the WTC. 10's of thousands of others are on the streets below it during rush hour because it is the middle of the financial capital of the world, surrounded by stores, malls, & other skyscrapers. WTC is a major stop for all transportation from the city, suburbs & surrounding states. The attack was timed to hurt as many as possible. Fires are still burning - 24 hrs later & slowing down the rescue efforts. Ferries have been commandeered as death trains - transporting dead bodies across the river to morgues in NJ. They were filling up & leaving NYC every 10 minutes during the night. Taxi cab companies are ripping out the seats from their cabs & vans to transport bodies to morgues in the city.

    I went to the Red Cross to donate my O negative blood & there is a 5 hr wait.  They need money & volunteers to help process people & for crowd control. I filled out the papers & have to go back later.  People cant go anywhere or do anything so they are donating blood.  1,500 casualities were ferried over to NJ for triage in a state park across from the Statue of Liberty - like you see on TV shows like MASH - They were then transported to NJ hospitals and casualties are also being sent to Connecticut because our hospitals are so overwhelmed.  Doctors are being trucked in from surrounding states.  Its like we've been in a war.

    Have you ever seen the movie Independence Day? That is what happened in NY today.  And that is what NY looks like now.  I cant stop crying.

    Look what they did to my beautiful city.....

    I cant believe it..... I just cant believe it....

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    ACT OF WAR! We're Living A Nightmare
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  3. by   -jt
    The collapse of the WTC sent debris & paper & everything else flying clear across the harbor - covering sections of Brooklyn too. The whole NorthEast has come together. Rescue workers, fire trucks, & ambulances from states all over the region are here.

    I feel so proud of to be living in this part of the country & especially in this city. Everyone you see is walking with a newspaper or waiting outside delis for the papers to be delivered. American flags are flying everywhere - in windows, on stores, houses, car antennas, & even in the midst of the rubble that once was the World Trade Center.

    There is a strange kind of comfort one gets from seeing the flag flying in all of this. If there is nothing people can do, just putting up their flag helps them feel they are doing something. Its a silent statement to the world & today NYC is red white blue.

    50,000 people worked in the World Trade Center. The hit occurred during rush hour on a weekday. Most people are in their offices by 9am and 10's of thousands are on the street in the area at that time. Nobody knows how many people are dead. The only way we will know will be when we add up all the reports that loved ones were in the area & never came home again. NY is still burning - more buildings have collpased. More, still burning, are threatening to collapse.
    The Mayor has called for "a return to normalcy". But how will we ever recover?
    NYC is closed today.

    But you should see the people of NYC today. I am so proud to be a New Yorker. This photo says it all about the spirit of this city....

    New York Daily News Online - Attack on Americans
  4. by   cargal
    I will hang my flag out today and fly it for evermore. My children will live the rest of their lives knowing that America and her freedom will never die!
  5. by   kaycee

    Thank God your brother is ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and all of New York as well as those lost in the Pentagon and the passengers and crews of the 4 planes.
    The whole country is grieving right along with you.
  6. by   Born 2 B In OB
    I am so sorry for our brothers and sisters, our friends and families, our lives that will undoubtebly change, the lives that have been and will be lost... WE are with you during this time of need. Our hearts and souls are mourning this terrible, terrible attack on our spirit. Let us all remember that we are unified through freedom - we cannot and will not fall.

    Please remember Paul Ambrose, a dear friend of my neighbor who was killed in the Pentagon plane crash.
  7. by   Katnip
    My cousin worked in the WTC. We haven't heard anything from or about him yet and none of us lives in NY. My aunt is just hoping that he can't get a call through. But we all know that every passing minute is bringing us closer to an awful truth.

    But I'm not here to get sympathy for a personal loss.

    I am so angry on behalf of all those in there, I could just scream.

    We are flying our flag. So are all our neighbors. Those terrorists badly underestimated Americans. What they don't seem to understand is that the more you hurt us, the closer we bond together and the stronger we become.
  8. by   Katnip
    Born 2 B OB, I want to add, I'm sorry for Paul's loss. We also have friends in the Pentagon, though we don't know yet if any were killed or injured. It's a hard, hard thing for the country to deal with.
  9. by   Jenny P
    Julie, I sent your top 2 posts on this thread to friends and family who are upset, frightened and angry about yesterdays attack. Thank you for posting such uplifting messages in spite of this total devastation of your city. When children and adults in the heartland are afraid to go to sleep at night because of what they saw yesterday on TV, we realise how much our faith has been shaken. The sad thing is that because of a few mad zealots, no part of this country will feel safe again for most of us for a long time. But even though this may be true, we must try to stand together and show those who were involved in this heinious act that America cannot be broken; that instead, we are banding together and will be a stronger country than before.

    I pray for those who have lost their loved ones and for those who are injured and for their families; I also pray for those who will be involved in the healing of the injured and the healing and cleaning up of the City of New York.

    I pray that justice will be served and that we will not tolerate any injustice towards peope who are "different" from us because of their race, religion, or creed.
    There is a vast majority of good and decent Muslims in this world; just because the prime suspects are Muslims does not mean that all Muslims are guilty of this atrocity. Please treat ALL people with kindness these days. We all need kindness and love right now.

    To all of you who are missing family and friends, my condolences and prayers are with you.

  10. by   Barbara Rose
    I am glad you are ok, hope some other good news comes your way as well. We have sooooooo many friends and fellow nurses from this list who are fromthe area, I do hope they are all ok. I appreciate your post, knowing you, this makes the pictures on TV make more sense, and also makes the heartache even worse, but yet some how gives us hope to go on. I will continue to pray for all, and for our leaders to make wise decisions in the future, if there is a way I could help, let me know. I have been in touch with my local chapter of Red Cross, a friend is the director, so I know she will call if I can help. God bless America and all of you on the front lines.
  11. by   CarolineRn
    Not from New York, never even got a chance to see the WTC. This saddens me beyond words, but that's not the only emotion I'm feeling. As I read posts from real people like jt and cybercat, and hear real names like that of Mr. Ambrose, something else is creeping into my psyche. Something mean and ugly, and utterly foreign to me. I find myself wanting revenge. Not just justice, but cold, hard revenge. Certainly others feel it too, in varying degrees. And that is what frightens me. I want the freaks who are responsible for this to know that they cannot do this in America! I hear stories on the radio about Muslim students singing and celebrating HERE in AMERICA, on an Amercian college campus!! Infuriating! If you're a muslim living in America, IMO, you either stand with us, or you stand against us. And if you're against us, for your own safety, go home now! I understand this is a country where people are free to speak their minds, and that's one of the many beauties of this country that lure people here in the first place. But blatently disrespectful scenes won't be tolerated for long.

    Note to Bin Ladin: They say what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
  12. by   Zee_RN
    There are celebrations on American campuses?!! OMG. OMG. I...I...I...can't even type...

    I would be homicidal if I saw that in person. Get out of the country now, my country...go back to whatever hole of a country you crawled out of and live in the squalor of your soul...

    I do not want to see a witch hunt started...but if someone is seen celebrating the destruction of American lives here in America, then they are the enemy and should be dealt with swiftly and harshly.
  13. by   KRVRN
    I'm flying my flag outside my home today, but the pole is so short I can't put it up only half mast, so and I bought a little flag to tape to my car antenna at half mast.
  14. by   -jt
    Skyscrapers in the area continue to burn & fall. Tower number 5 is in the process of falling. I think thats 4 WTC buildings down. And a skycraper across the street from WTC complex is about to collapse. Whats that now? 4, 5, or 6 tall buildings gone from our skyline? We may soon have the skyline our grandparents remember.