I want to appologize for whatever I did that got everyone got upset with me for.

  1. I don't know what I did to make some of you mad, but in my post about my medical problems, just seeking advice, I forgot to update you on how I was.

    I know that I must have offended you , but I want to know what I did exactly.

    And whats al this talk about putting me on ignore lists. I dont think I did anything to bother anyone. If I did, talk to me.
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Ignore list? dont be silly; we just want you to be healthy.

    So get better already, ok?
  4. by   Robin61970

    And this is the reply she got which had people discussing ignore lists.....

    Ya know, when people take the time to post something that communicates that they care, then your responses should show the same concern for detail. Your response makes it look like your just getting material for a paper or something.

    If you don't you'll miss alot of good input when you really need it because people will quit responding to you posts.

    It doesn't have to be literary prose, but people around here expect you to give back what they put in.

    The link above is the post Mandi is speaking of......I believe Mandi(not sure mind you) that the person who said what he did was implying you were trying to get information for a paper and that it wasn't actually happening to you........that is how I took it anyway.....

    Hope you feel better!
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  5. by   tattooednursie
    this wasnt for any paper. This is for something thats happening to me, I think it is getting better though, but If I would have know this is al the commotion it would have caused I woudth have posted anything.
    originally posted by futurern_mandi
    i don't know what i did to make some of you mad, but in my post about my medical problems, just seeking advice, i forgot to update you on how i was.

    i know that i must have offended you , but i want to know what i did exactly.

    and whats al this talk about putting me on ignore lists. i dont think i did anything to bother anyone. if i did, talk to me.
    those people weren't referring using the ignore button on you....they were talking about someone else (whom i luv to death despite the fact that they can be a little naughty stinker )...they know who they are ...not going to mention any names though. their post had nothing to do about a paper either...had to do with applauding extra curricular activities that mandi shouldn't quite be involved in at her age...ooops...i guess i just outed them...sorry luv .

    mandi, baby, continue to post as you need to vent. that's why we all come here!!! there's always someone up at all hours around the clock as we have folks coming here from all around the world. it's 1:35 am est & i believe that many that have posted on the other thread have gone to bed by now. i'm such the night owl...supposed to be studying for my test on tuesday...but couldn't quite get into the mood...i'll probably be up for a little while longer...not too long though...got to take my daughter to a cheer competition early tomorrow morning. we just got in about a hour ago because she went to a school semi-formal dance & i had to chauffeur she & her date.

    anyway, hang-in there kido :kiss - luv moe.
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  7. by   Robin61970
    Now see I missed that part, but it makes alot of sense.......
  8. by   JonRN
    Mandi...my granddaughter is 17, and we all have family members, so we are just concerned. I don't believe anyone would get mad at you for your posting, most wanna help and offered valuable suggestions. Keep posting and I promise I won't put you on my "iggy" list. I was in the Army at 17 and I sorta remember what it was like. Enjoy your youth, and don't try to grow up too fast, it's no fun and believe me I know.
  9. by   KRVRN

    Even if it WAS for a paper, BIG DEAL. Last time I checked, this IS a free country and this BB had NOTHING in its rule list that said that we, I, you, or someone else couldn't ask for info for a paper anyway!

    If ya think it's a post asking for paper info, and ya DON'T want to answer, the answer is simple...

    Glad you feel better Mandi, don't apologize or feel bad for ANY of your posts. More power to you for working a hard job at 17 and be sure and take care of yourself right.

    I see alot of people blowing things way out of proportion.

    Mandi, I honestly didn't really see you getting flamed. I saw a couple of responses that were probably not what you wanted, but that's what happens when you post. You put it out there, and you can't control what you get back. The worst thing I saw anyone do was question why a 17 year old was drinking and smoking.... surely you expected that?

    I don't see a big commotion or that you offended anyone. And I don't believe the ignore comment was directed at you.

    Stick around awhile, you'll see commotion.....

  11. by   renerian
    I agree with Heather. I did not see anything bad just opinions. She is right. Sometimes stuff comes back you need to look at even though it may sound harsh or mean, in reality it is not.

    I hope you feel better soon,

  12. by   adrienurse
    I wasn't aware of any problems. Perhaps you need to speak with the parties involved -- better yet, maybe they need to talk to you.
  13. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    I wasn't aware of any problems. Perhaps you need to speak with the parties involved -- better yet, maybe they need to talk to you.

    adrienurse....BB guidance counselor:roll

    good advice!

  14. by   Lausana
    The person who mentioned the ignore list posts a similar message on lots of threads-and in this case it was inappropriate for that thread-but what are you gonna do On the General Nursing you're going to get a wide variety of responses from people who've never read another post from you and don't know a thing about you...or don't take the time to even click "profile".

    ...don't take it personally, just take the great advice you did receive! Hope you're feeling better!