I swear if I could get my hands on this guy!

  1. This sniper thing is nerve racking. My sympathies go out to all the people being terrorized including myself. Up here in Pa it is no use saying it can't happen here because it can. However this threat against children has me livid.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Very Scary!! I'm in NJ, and also not far enough away for comfort!

    Has anyone changed their habits? My son usually rides his bike to school, but yesterday he popped a front tire, so I drove him. I think I'll conveniently forget to get it fixed until the sniper is caught. I'd rather have to get up earlier and drive him than worry about him on the bike.

    We were out last last night at a shopping center, and I had to use the ATM. I am always nervous about doing that at night, but esp now. What a carzy world we are living in!
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    I haven't changed any habits but then again I'm out here in the sticks where the most we have to worry about is bears and lions.
    I hope they catch this guy soon.
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Me too, Oramar. Bad enough that he was shooting innocent people in parking lots and gas stations. I was trying to console myself with the thought of the 13-year-old that was shot thinking maybe, from a distance, he looked like an adult. Maybe he's a big kid and the sniper mistook him for a teacher.

    Threatening children!!! What a ba$tard!! My blood boils!! What a cowardly sneaky $#!@! (throw in worst word you can think of). Truly, truly, I pray at least once an hour that they get this guy. Get this guy, get this guy, get this guy!!!!
  6. by   l.rae
    l too am praying daily, sometimes more, that this monster is caught...it could happen anywhere.....funny the freedoms we take for granted till they are gone......who would imagine in the US you cann't shop, visit, go to the DR. mow your lawn, go to work without risking your life...prayers for all law enforcement personnell too.........LR
    Hubby was telling me he heard a news reports that they were draping huge.... tarps, I guess, over gas stations. How freaking sad that you have to HIDE to pump your gas.

  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    From what I heard this guy specifically threatened children in latest sick communique.......Saying to the effect "your children are not safe".....best believe that. (so much for mistaking a 13 year old for an adult; there was no mistake; it was deliberate like all his/her acts have been!)

    Man I hope they catch him SOON. My thoughts and prayers are with the DC area people. It could happen anywhere, as we can see.
  9. by   kaycee
    Do you find your self looking around when you shop or pump gas. I read people in those areas run in a zig zag pattern to their cars when they shop hoping to be a harder target. Nobody should have to live that way.

    Did you guys read about the FBI screwing up and ignoring a few calls from him? You would think after he used the phrases "I am God and I am in control" a spark would have lit up.

    I don't live all that far away either, but if I lived in the vicinity of the shooting after the most recent threat I'm not sure I could let my kids out of the house.
  10. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by kaycee
    I don't live all that far away either, but if I lived in the vicinity of the shooting after the most recent threat I'm not sure I could let my kids out of the house.
    Exactly, I think it would be time to go to visit Grandma or a trip to Cape Cod or something, I think the schools were closed in part of the area anyway & I don't think I'd care if they weren't!!
  11. by   kittyw
    My family lives in PA ... some right on the border with MD. Way too close for comfort. He could easily move up that far. In fact yesterday when I heard that a bus driver was shot I had to ask what kind of bus he was driving. My dad drives the little old ladies around in the church bus to various locations. It's part-time fun work, so I never know when he's going to be doing it or where.
  12. by   Q.
    It's scary, but of course living in Wisconsin it seems so far away to really effect us, other than shaking our heads over our dinner. A lot of our schools have cancelled field trips to DC as a result. One school has cancelled TWICE now; once last year from 9/11 and now again THIS year for the sniper attacks.

    I don't know how I would behave if this were happening in MY city. I'd be somewhat anxious all the time, but not sure if I would change my behaviors any. I'm the type that tries to live my life and not be afraid.
  13. by   CATHYW
    The thing about this is that a copy-cat could pop up ANYWHERE!
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ---and likely will at some point, Cathy.