I saw a plane today...

  1. I saw a plane flying today.

    My first thoughts were "Isn't that plane flying really low?" and "Where is the nearest airport?" and "what is in Sacramento that this plane could be headed for if, indeed, it had been taken over by terrorists?"

    Sad and pathetic...aren't I? Imagine, only one week ago, we all took air travel for granted.
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  3. by   -jt
    Imagine, only one week ago, we all took air travel for granted.

    A week ago, we didnt even notice the planes. Where I live, there is direct path to Newark Airport & always a line of planes taking off or coming in. Never even noticed the noise anymore...until a few days of NO planes at all. At first the silence in the city was deafening - light auto traffic, no traffic underground, none in the air, no fire alarms or police sirens on our streets. Iit was so noticeable & strange to have all that background noise missing. Now Im used to the quiet & heard a plane for the first time today. I thought it was thunder. Then had a split second of fear when I realized it was a plane. I actually stopped to listen to it & hear if it sounded "right". By next week, Im sure I wont be noticing the background anymore once again.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    I llive out in the country. When you get to the boonies your halfway to my house. But at night we notice the air traffic while sitting on the deck. The kids even noticed the lack of airplanes in the night sky. Yesterday while up in the northern part of the state getting our winter hay, My son noticed a contrail. It is the only one we've seen so far.
  5. by   night owl
    Where I work in NJ, Newark Airport is only about 25 mi away and of course we are right smack in the middle of all kinds of flight patterns and most of the jets are coming in low for landing and getting lower of course as they approach the airport. WELLLLL, I went outside about 3am on Saturday morning to{{{cough}}} {{{cough}}} have a cigarette break and when I walked out on the patio, I looked up into the sky and here comes a decending jet right directly towards me with of course these BIG headlights on. When I saw it, I had this wrenching feeling in my stomach and stood there frozen thinking,"oh God, not another one!!!" It was so low I could count the windows on the thing. Then it kept on going and I'm thinking,"Holy cow, is this what it's going to feel like every time I see a jet approaching the airport??? I've got to get over this, but quickly... D@MN those terrorists! I hope they're all burning in H*LL!!!
  6. by   shyviolet78
    I live practically in the "backyard" of DFW International Airport and when the planes fly over, they are so low it looks like they are about to land on my street. Since Tuesday, whenever I see the planes coming in, the fears of another terrorist attack creep in. If I'm driving, I find myself slowing down/speeding up so I won't be directly under the plane when it flies over the highway. Also, I watched a movie yesterday which had shots of the NYC skyline in it. When the camera panned across the WTC Towers, I caught myself tensing up, waiting for the planes to hit it. I'm so tired of seeing that image on CNN, I'll never be able to see a picture or a movie with the WTC Towers without imagining the images of the terrorist attacks.