I *really* should be in bed

  1. It's 0221 according to my computer, which my hubby has connected to some atomic clock site. Strangely enough, I'm not very sleepy. I'm *always* sleepy!

    I'll be up at 7 to run the nursery at my church. My older daughter is off visiting her boyfriend's parents in another town, so she won't be going. It's always so much easier when she's there - she's just a natural with the kids.

    This was going to be such a cool night. My daughter had arranged for free tickets to the symphony for my hubby and me. I have on her black velvet dress, that I like a LOT more than she does. It's supposed to be ballerina length - kind of a mid-calf dress. And it is - on her. It comes to my ankles. Which is cool because that way nobody could tell that I have on navy blue pantyhose.

    Hubby really didn't want to go, but I *really* did. Beethovan's 9th which I've always enjoyed, and the Symphony chorus was also performing. I love the "Ode to Joy." It was the recessional at my wedding. And those symphony choruses are always a thing of beauty and a joy. I was in the Kansas City symphony chorus back in the pre-cambrian era. I loved every minute of it. Except the choral-music injury I sustained during rehearsal for Handel's MESSIAH. There's a movement where the altos *really* want to hold the note about 2 beats longer than is written. I was the *Last* also to make that mistake on that passage.

    I also love going to the symphony and truthfully, I can't afford it in real life. I have no idea if my daughter will carry on being comped when she's off at uni, so I'm enjoying it as often as I can whilst she's still here.

    I have on relatively fancy-looking shoes and a lovely garnet necklace - it looks like a million bucks. Meg also let me wear some lovely dangly earrings that one of her boy-buddies gave to her. She has very good taste in boys. They all give her jewelry on gift-giving occasions....

    Anyway, Meg offered to drive us there so we wouldn't have to park, and we got there right on time. But they didn't have any tickets for us. =-(

    So, there we were. I had my cellphone (already pre-set to "silent") so we called Meg before she got far from downtown. She was very apologetic, but sometimes things work out this way. She and I went over to her sister's apartment to feed and play with her kitty and we sat and talked for a while. Hubby stayled home. That was nice. It's nice to be where hubby isn't, actually. He talks a LOT. Maybe that's why I *write* so much here - I am really fairly quiet IRL. I never get a word in edgewise. Plus, his voice is unpleasantly loud.

    On the diningroom table were some papers about GED. I wonder if the boyfriend dropped out of school? I'll have to ask when they get back.

    Boyfriend smokes, and I sat near an ashtray and I still smell like I've been smoking. I wonder if cigarette smoke has some affinity for me?

    Okay, enough line of consciousness. I *really* should be in bed.


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  3. by   aimeee
    Oh, how disappointing that they didn't have the symphony tickets for you!

    Choral music INJURY? What happened? Did the conductor beat you over the head with his baton when you held the note too long?

    BTW, we have the atomic clock site too.
  4. by   night owl
    i'm an alto too. of course you know "altos rule!" :d
  5. by   NurseDennie

    Amy - what happened.... It was approximately 100 years ago, of course. Many people don't know (but I'll betcha a dollah that Night Owl does!!) that MESSIAH was actually written to be sung by a very small group. It's a *very* demanding oratorio, and the altos are particularly stressed. (Heh heh)

    Anyway, there is, as I said, a place in a part of the work (Not the "Hallelujah Chorus," where the alto's instinct is to hold the note just a second or so more than what was actually written.

    We were in rehearsal for MESSIAH, it was a long evening (did I mention that it's a challenging piece?) I was the youngest in the group, and one by one, the altos sang that note too long. By the time it was my turn, the director was just at the end of his rope, and he kind of slammed the podium and it toppled over and hit me and broke my little finger.

    You really don't see many choral-music related injuries, but I have one! LOL

    BTW, I had the same director for almost all the groups in which I sang. I adored and worshipped the man, and I still do. What a wonderful time in my life and what a fun and ... well, just all-around wonderful guy to learn music and theory and vocal techniques and just everything.


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  6. by   NurseDennie
    PS - did you know why the audience stand when the "Halleluja Chorus" is sung? It's because King George was so taken by the magesty and beauty that he rose to his feet. When the king stands, everybody stands. So that's how that got started, now it's tradition.


  7. by   aimeee
    What a great story! Those directors do have their temper tantrums. Ours used to knock over music stands and break yardsticks. (I think he bought a gross of them at the start of every year) I've sung the Messiah too, (though as a 1st soprano) and it IS very hard. I didn't know your other little tidbits about it though.
  8. by   NurseDennie
    OMG Aimee

    I can sing soprano when I *have* to, but I sure couldn't sing that oratorio in the first soprano section! Whoooooosh - I'm impressed. That's a strong challenge for the soprano's too!


  9. by   live4today
    Hi NurseDennie,

    I'm so sorry you didn't get to see the symphony concert. I love music like that, too. Years ago, the church choir I was in sang the Messiah and we did do the Hallelujah Chorus quite often during the Christmas Season. Beautiful piece indeed!

    Did your little finger heal completely since that injury, or do you have any long term difficulties with it?

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