i need some comfort

  1. tonight my little sammy...my guy...my boy...my little black and white shitzu was hit by a car and killed. in front of my daughter.
    someone left the back door open. i was always yelling about this...sammy heard dogs walking down the street and ran out...with my daughter right behind him. my honey was getting his shoes on and he told my other daughter they needed to get him. sammy wasnt very street smart. my older daughter was running out the door behind my stepson damien when a pathfinder hit my best friend and killed him. the driver stopped and my daughter was standing there screaming. he walked over to my dead dog and he said...

    "he's dead"
    "is there anyone that can take him to the vet?"
    "you should have been watching him"

    got in his car ...well suv and drove away leaving the kids on the road with the dead dog...or as i used to refer to him...their little brother.

    i called the police. they sent three squad cars my upstairs neighbor saw the whole thing and got most of his license plate number. they interviewed me, the kids, the neighbor, my fiancee and went out to take a look at the scene and the dog. my fiancee said they offered to take care of him but he declined. stacey will bury him tomorrow. i cant.

    july 18, 1975 my best friend was hit and killed by a truck. she was 20 years old. and on july 18, 2001 i lost my other best friend the same way.

    im devastated and so are the kids and so is my fiancee. please say a prayer that they find this guy. what he did was worse than cruel. my daughter is hysterical. she will never be able to forget seeing her dog die and she will never forget what he said.
    i wish he would have never stopped.

    i cant stop crying. i keep expecting to see him come running up to me or laying at my feet like he always did.
    ive asked stacey to remove everything of his...bowls, toys..i cant look at them.

    could i have a hug?
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    I'm so sorry - you've had an awful thing happen.

    I hope they find that guy and - I don't know, but I hope it's BAD. That's a rotten thing to do, a rotten way to act and he doesn't sound like much of a human being!

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((thisnurse)))))))))))))))) ))))))))))) again.

    I hope you can get some rest and feel better. I've had a similar experience, and your whole family is probably at least a little bit shocky. You take care.


  4. by   thisnurse
    thanks dennie...i really needed that.
    im just hanging out on the board trying not to think.
  5. by   Debbie5
    How tragic!!!

    My heart aches for you and your family. When I was 8 years old, I witnessed my neighbors sweet poodle run under the wheels of an 18 wheeler that wasn't supposed to be going through our residential neighborhood in the first place. That image was burned in my heart. A very traumatic experience. I pray that God will wrap you and your family in His comforting arms. I am so sorry. I send you everlasting hugs!!
  6. by   night owl
    {{{{{HUG}}}}}} I am feeling your pain. It is so hard on everyone when the pet dies and in your case, your kids had to see it happen. I'll say a prayer for you and you family, and another one so that they catch the schmuck who hit him and had the nerve to drive away...how cruel! A poor excuse for a human being...
  7. by   thisnurse
    thanks debbie...you cant imagine how stupid i feel just sitting on this board...and playing with my paintshop program.
    this is where i go for support.

    i loved my little guy so much. he was such a cool dog...really. he used to like riding in the car with me. he would hear the keys jingle and jump all over the place. and he had to sit in the front if i was the only one in the car.
    im gonna miss him when i come home...he was ALWAYS there to greet me.
    i know he was just a dog but this is so hard to handle. especially when i think of what the man who killed him said to my daughter.
    what an awful thing for her to go through.
  8. by   thisnurse
    thanks night owl.
    i just wish this subhuman had just driven away rather than tell my daughter it was her fault. it would have been easier for her.
  9. by   LTC-LPN
    ...to happen to your family, thisnurse. I have tears in my eyes just reading about what happened, so I can only imagine how the daughters feel. What a tragedy to happen to the little pup. Hugs and prayers to your family and You. (((((((thisnurse))))))

    Jane Ann
  10. by   prmenrs
    I'm so sorry!! Poor thing. {{{{{thisnurse}}}}}
  11. by   nursegoodguy
    If the guy was gonna stop to begin with then he should've stayed until an adult got out there rather than blaming a child for what happened! How fast was he going anyway? I would really try to impress upon the child that it wasn't her fault in any way and that sometimes adults say stupid BS when they feel like they've done something wrong so they can feel better about themselves. Of course these are only things you say when you can't get to the driver of the suv and beat the crap out of him! The suv driver really pi$$e$ me off! Give your kid a hug and I am truly Sorry for you loss!
  12. by   thisnurse
    thanks to you all.
    its 3:37 am. the tears have finally stopped. i am really worried about my daughter. her friend lives next door and she decided to spend the night over there.
    i was in the shower when all of this happened and from what i understand she had called sammy and he turned around and was running back when he got killed.
    she already blamed herself.

    the police feel there is a good chance of catching this creep since we have the make, color and most of the plate numbers. i have no idea of what legal recourse i have.
    we have all told her that it was not her fault. there was nothing she could do. the dog just didnt have a clue about cars. and you know i could even understand how accidents happen...but i cant understand how anyone could do that to a kid.
    you asked how fast he was going?
    sammy was killed a few feet from a STOP SIGN. there are skid marks on the road. this driver should have been in the process of stopping. obviously by how close the skid marks are to the stop sign, he was not.
    i heard the tires squeal IN THE SHOWER. then i heard the kids screaming...and i just KNEW.
    i will give her a hug from you.

    and i thank you for all of your hugs as well.
    im really gonna miss my little guy
  13. by   aimeee
    (((((((((this nurse))))))))) So sorry.
  14. by   andrewsgranny
    HUGS to you Things will get better, I promis. But my heart aches for you and your family.
    I hit a dog once, and it was a pretty big dog. He got up and ran away. But I stopped anyway. Well I was treated like a murderer.
    And the dog was fine. The lady (use that word lightly) started screaming at me and cussing. And I was so apologetic. I said ma'am I am so sorry was is this your dog? She said why %#& NO it's not my &@% dog! He is the neighborhood dog, he just roams free. Then I got mad and I said well lady the neighborhood should have him penned up! I said I love animals but obviously you all dont. I got in my car and drove off.
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