I Love It! I Love It!

  1. Well I have survived the first final (A&P) in LPN school, so I am still in the running! I have started working at our local hospital on weekends as a PCT. And I love clinicals! Not crazy about the paper work, but love everything else. My goal in wanting to be a nurse was for my patients to leave the hospital feeling they really had a good nurse taking care of them, I am already getting some of that just being a PCT. Dealing with Geriatrics makes me a little sad, but I tend to be drawn to them, especially the ones that don't have family coming to see them. It just that there is so much sadness in their eyes, it breaks my heart. But anyway, I really love what I am doing. Poop and all! Have my next final Monday, and praying I survive it! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
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  3. by   fireball
    congratulations!...hang on to your enthusiasm.
  4. by   New CCU RN
    Best of luck to you....from your posting it seems that you will make a wonderful nurse!