I love autumn!!

  1. i just love autumn! the warm days, the cool nights. the leaves changing colors. the colors of the leaves on the trees in indiana during autumn makes it worth living here. football games, hayrides, bonfires, and bright orange pumpkins. not having to use the air conditioner or the furnace! the only thing i don't like about autumn is the fact that old man winter is right behind her!!
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  3. by   RNntraining
    WOO HOO! Today was the first day in a very very long time that i didn't have to drive to my eight o'clock (morning) class with the a/c on! I think it was a perfect 80 degrees today. I actually got to pull out a light sweater when the sun went down. Football games and bonfires with friends are also very much a part of my autumn memories. Hope you enjoy the pleasant days to come
  4. by   Mkue
    I love Autumn too !! beautiful time of year where I live.
  5. by   renerian
    I am going to be a pain here. I love spring and summer but not fall as it is to close to winter. I don't like snow either. I call it the season of doom, I say go go go green Christmas and if it is snowing I pull all the drapes so I don't have to look at it.....love summer the hotter the better......


  6. by   adrienurse
    Great sleeping weather (too bad I'm not taking advantage of it). I love the crispness of it. It sometimes starts to snow here in October. Novelty wears off pretty fast though. I remember many haloweens as a child, being forced to wear a winter coat over or under my costume (no fun!). Reminds me, I need to get myself a new pair of winter boots.
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    My favorite time of the year too!
  8. by   casperbjs
    I agree, I love Autumn!
  9. by   misti_z
    I love seeing the leaves on the ground bright yellow and orange!! Beautiful time of year indeed!!
  10. by   nakitamoon
    Oh,,,, deespoohbear,,,, Love Indian Summer,,,,, since moving to florida,,, 19 years ago,,,, don't get ot enjoy it,,,,

    So each fall we go north,,, mostly into the 'smokies',,,,

    It becomes like spring fever to me,,,,, Have to go get my 'fix',,,,,

    I cannot think of a better seasosn,,,, air crisp,,, fresh,,,, days beautilful,,,,,nights cool,,,,,,,

    The colors amazing,,,, yes my favorite season!!!!!

  11. by   Mattigan
    My favorite time also. Because of the memories, I think. In Southern Oklahoma the leaves are green and on the trees one day and brown, dead and under the trees the next day. Too hot and often not enough rain during the summer to have the color changes. Not to mention that somedays you can wear shorts and tees in November and December during the days.
  12. by   BadBird
    I just noticed how the trees are turning already here in NW PA, it is truly beautiful. I already have my fall wreath on the door, fall decorations in all the rooms. It is putting me in the mood to bake again. Isn't it funny how a mood can change/improve with the sight of a beautiful tree, crisp clean air, the smell of bakes apples.
  13. by   Lausana
    Our leaves haven't really started to change yet, but when they do-it is so beautiful Need to get put together a fall wreath and find my decorations...saw pumpkin stands go up this past weekend.

    I Love fall, absolutely love the cooler weather...okay at night anyway, I think it's going to be 80 today!
  14. by   deespoohbear
    Lausana-You are in Ft. Wayne, correct? I live just 30 miles south of you in Adams County. Yeah, it is warm today but the humidity is almost nill which makes it a lot more comfortable. And the nights cool off to be great sleeping weather. Too bad we can't go outside and enjoy the weather though-West Nile Virus scare. I would like to make a trip to Brown County in a couple of weeks to see the trees down there. They are usually just gorgeous.

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