i know i'm going to sound like a big sooky la-la, but i miss my mum!

  1. i moved away from home back in june, and started work last monday, and today, in preparation fot the next week's work, i had to wash and iron all my shirts on this weeny little bench-top ironing board.
    now i miss my mum. she had a proper-sized ironing board, and if i said please, and got them into the hamper in time, she would wash and iron my work shirts for me .
    i wish she was here to iron my stuff!!

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  3. by   TazziRN
    "Sooky la-la"??????

    Um.....here's a hint.......when talking to your mom and telling her how much you miss her, do NOT let on that you miss her ironing!! :chuckle
  4. by   Tweety
    Yes, please don't tell her you miss her doing your laundry. LOL

    I understand, it's tough when you leave home isn't it?
  5. by   tencat
    'Sooky la-la" :chuckle I love it!
  6. by   dianah
    Is a sooky-la-la anything like a sissy-la-la??

    Another rite of passage to adulthood, goats . . . But I hear what you're saying.. . maybe a twinge of homesickness. . .

    I'm sure she would appreciate knowing she's missed. You could name off other things you miss about being at home, and then last, for a laugh, mention the ironing too . . she might take it as it's intended.

    Hope you got everything done in time.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Had I told my grandmother that, and if she had been single, she'd probably move in with me. LOL

    Now, my mom.....she would tell me something like, "Take them straight out of the dryer & they won't get wrinkled in the first place."

    Big difference in the two. :chuckle

    Hope your homesickness subsides soon.