I knew I wanted to be a nurse

  1. Tell us about the event that made you KNOW you were going to be a nurse.
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  3. by   Stargazer
    I knew when I was five years old. I have no memory whatsoever of what the triggering event was.
  4. by   ats
    Two things, really. My mother was diagnosed with an advanced case of breast cancer, from which she subsequently died...and one of the best experiences she ever had (she, who never trusted or visited a doctor unless she was on death's door) was the rapport she developed with the team of doctors and nurses who provided treatment and support over those many months. She loved them, and for good reason.

    When I went to fly back to attend her funeral, I ended up in ICU myself. I wanted to so much to leave my bed to say goodbye to her, but one of my nurses, a wonderful guy, finally got it through my thick skull that having one funeral was bad enough, but I was bucking for making it two. No sloppy sentiment, no minced words...just a very caring individual who took the time to make me start thinking of myself for a change. I saw how overworked he was, and how much he loved his job anyway. That's when I got my first clue to the way I'd be heading...
    I'd known for awhile that I'd be a nurse because my mom is, and it just seemed a natural course to follow.

    My "oh hell yeah that's what I wanna do!" moment came when I acted as a relative's labor coach.

  6. by   Mattigan
    When I was 4 I got in trouble for putting my new Christmas doll on the ironing board and operating on her with a steak knife and scissors. When I was about 5 - got it again for taking a magic marker and making my sister's Betsy Wetsy doll a boy. (the boy next door Aaron- also 5 was my model for what to draw)so my doll could have a boy baby to be with her in my pretend hospital nursery. My sisiter was just a baby and couldn't play with dolls anyway so don't know what the deal was there...

    Always patched up animals. I found a turtle with a broken shell and fixed him a new one with plaster of paris. Even got my mom's oil paint to make it match the rest of the shell. I nursed more baby rabbitts, squirrels, cats, dogs, you name it than I can remember.

    Always took care of the little cousins and neighbor kids.

    Started reading the Cherry Ames Nurse books the summer between the 3rd and 4th grades- always was an advanced reader( today my math skills are 4th grade- so it evened out). and I thought " ...this is it , I'm going to be a Pediatric Nurse". It was never nurse -it was always Pediatric Nurse.

    My 5th grade book report was on Clara Barton. It's always been about nurses with me.

    I did rebel.Started and finished (all but student teaching) in Special/elementary education and didn't want to do it- went back to Nursing major and sometimes I think " what the heck was I thinking?". I don't think I had a choice really. It was a born to do thing- maybe.
  7. by   Fgr8Out
    Growing up, I too had a passion for caring for the fallen birds, rabbits, squirrels, cats and dogs at my Grandmothers. I used to make my family laugh when I'd announce (at the ripe old age of 6) that I was going to be a "brain surgeon"... at that time... I knew they made $$$$. I'm not sure why at that age money was a consideration for me but... :: shrugs ::

    Grew up, married at age 18... had 2 babies... always with a thought in the back of my mind to return to school... and quite possibly nursing. After we purchased our first home, we because close friends with a couple who had also just moved in across the street. Less than a year later, the husband had died from a quickly advancing cancer... leaving his wife, who had virtually no skills... and a poorly paying job with no benefits... out on her own. She struggled to keep her home, until the futility of her efforts became apparent. Seeing this struck a very large chord in me... and I made the decision to return to school.

    When I finally grabbed my opportunity to return to school at age 30... I knew I was where I was meant to be. I'm 42 now, and I've never looked back.

  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ok....it was way back in 1987. We were driving thru Oak Creek Canyon in AZ.....and if you know that place, you are aware there are lots of twists and turns in the road. Well, around the bend WHAM--- we came upon an horrible accident......teens in a tiny car run into the rock wall. no seat belts naturally. Spanish-speaking only. My friend was an Air Force SP and he and I got out and rendered first aid to the frightened kids.. I froze til he screamed at me to get with it and help him w/the injuries and get the first aid kit in truck. It was so sad.....the eldest kid was 16 and had basically ripped his scalp darn near off....he was more concerned what his dad would do to him than about his injuries at the time.

    Since I spoke Spanish, I was able to communicate w/them and calm them. We were able to keep them stable til the paramedics arrived (this was the days before cell phones, remember, so it was a while). Afterward, I shook and cried so hard, it was not funny. By that time, quite a crowd had gathered and actually APPLAUDED US as a TEAM....saying to us, we must have been medical personnel. My cop friend knew what he was doing, for sure. But in my case, that was the furthest from the truth...I was a systems operator in the AF was all. And not at ALL sure I could EVER handle nursing.....then........

    I ignored that Call to be a nurse for years.....til I had my first child, in 1992. I will spare you another long story here.....just tell you the care I got then convinced me I wanted to be "one of them" doing exactly that. And, the rest is history......I am now an OB nurse, and quite sure I am fulfilling some sort of destiny. I love what I do and feel I am pretty good at it. Good thread!:kiss
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  9. by   Rustyhammer
    I was 25 years old and moved to Seattle- first time ever living in a big city and I had never had a city type job before. Always worked outdoors - clearing trails, cowboy type of work, laborer (you get the picture). Well I needed a job and had no real work history and saw an ad "Nursing assistants needed- will train". I applied and began to work as an NA, CNA and had lots of good ideas on how to better care for these residents but nobody would listen to me.
    So I decided that being a nurse was where it was all at and went to school, got my license and have been working ever since.

    ps: I still like to do the outside stuff.
  10. by   jnette
    Did the same things with the baby dolls.. raised in the military, we spent a lot of time at the clinics getting immunizations and such.. remember at a VERY young age snatching every piece of medical ANYTHING I could get my grubby little hands on.. medication vials, old syringes, IV tubing, alchohol swabs, you name it. Hid it under my shirt 'til I got home to my "doll hospital".
    Remember at 3 yoa my sister got to be a "nurse" for halloween..complete with the little navy blue cape trimmed with red border and a little white cap with a red cross on it. I was seething with envy and couldn't wait 'til next year when she would outgrow it and I would get to wear it! (I had to be a CLOWN of all things..!) Still have the picture of us both standing in front of our doorway.. I was the "clown with the frown".. BIG TIME ! I always WATCHED everything and every procedure ever done on me over the years. If I smelled alchohol wafting anywhere, I thought I was in heaven. STILL love to sniff those alch. swabs ! When my grandmother was dying I practically LIVED at the hospital watching every move the nurses made. I knew then this was sth. I wanted to persue. Wasn't 'til I served in the Air Force as a medic that I knew I WOULD... saw a lot of really CRABBY nurses there, and it really p**** me off... it was then I decided to become a nurse someday.. to be a NICE nurse and to treat people with caring and kindness. It's taken me a lifetime to get there, but hey... better late than never! Should be done by Christmas!
  11. by   Rena RN 2003
    it's actually all Santa's "fault" that i want to be a nurse. at 4 y.o. Santa brought me the medical/nurse kit that i had dreamed about for months. LOVED that plastic steth and the little plastic hat. soon after, every baby doll i had was bandaged for some trauma they had suffered.

    when baby dolls became boring (they really don't move very much on their own), i moved on to my cats. :chuckle poor furry dears were very patient with a then 5 y.o. that wanted nothing more than to bandage their legs and tails and "nurse" then back to health (even though there was nothing wrong with them at all!).

    many of my mothers towels soon became cut up for "bandages." (my @ss still stings at the memory). every empty pill bottle that i could con my mother out of soon became filled with my "medicine." i would sort through those smartie candies and divide them into colors and fill my pill bottles. :chuckle

    i side tracked when i first went to college. decided to become an accountant. now nothing wrong with accounting, just turned out not to be my cup of tea.

    dropped out of college, moved back home (at the tender age of 19). i was snooping through mothers attic and came across that little plastic nurse kit. i was so surprised that my mother kept it! i just remember it "disappearing" one day when i was young. come to find out, mother put it away because she couldn't afford to buy any more towels.

    i applied to the nursing program about a month later. didn't finish because of family reasons but now i'm 31 and right back in the thick of things. i've worked in some medical field for the last 7-8 years or so and am tickled pink to be 9 months from graduating.

    my mother is just glad that i now have real bandages to "play" with and that i leave her towels alone.
  12. by   researchrabbit
    My mom's a nurse. Two of her sisters were nurses. MY sister is a nurse. My best friend wanted to be a nurse. HER mom was a nurse. All my mother's friends were nurses. I WAS NOT GOING TO BE A NURSE, NO SIRREEBOB!

    So I got a degree in French, minor Spanish with a teaching degree. Then took some grad English Lit and Human Resources.

    However, genetics and environment seem to have won out...I got my nursing degree in 2000.