I just need to vent!!!!

  1. Right now I'm trying to finish Interior Design School, which I now can not stand at all!!! Then I want to go into nursing. My fiance and I temporially live in an apartment with 2 of the sloppiest roommates ever. I can not wait to get out of there and stay with his parents or my parents. He now thinks its a bad idea for me to want to go into nursing. He thinks I should just find a job to make money, but who when I hate the career that I'm in. Plus I have to pay my mom back for tution, somehow pay for a wedding, find a house for us, and decide what I'm gonna do with school!!!

    Right now I;m in class and I've spent 3 of the 4 hours in the class just looking online because I dont feel like doing anything. And sleeping is another idea on my mind.

    My fiance asked me what my real reason was for wanting to change my career and I told him to help people and he said that was a good idea...if I was Miss America!!! I was furious!!!!!! Theres nothing wrong with just wanting to help. I'm not gonna go around and ask employers if the will pay me $100,000 and year and if they dont walk away!

    Its about time to walk out of class and go have some hot chocolate and candy.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
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  3. by   iliel
    When it rain's it pours. I recently make a career change (while in the middle of school) I'm getting married as well in Oct and my FI has decided that we need to by another house ASAP (the market is good out here) Can we say stress! So I feel your pain.
    I really can't give you any advice except follow your heart. I'm loosing money with my change, this is something I just have to deal with. I don't think anyone can feel 100% about a career, and it's so hard to know what you want to do with your life at such a young age. Good luck!
  4. by   Dave ARNP
    I totally feel your pain.

    Struggling with possibly going to Medical School after spending the past ten years of my life working toward/as an NP.

  5. by   star0910
    good luck to the both of you and thank you!
  6. by   nekhismom
    YOu have to be happy. No amount of $$ is worth it if you are miserable. But before you start nursing school, perhaps you should shadow a nurse in a few different settings if possible, or volunteer some time at a hospital, nursing home, etc? That may give you a better idea of what nursing is all about. Nursing school is hard and stressful, too, and it's a big change from your current choice. Just think it through and explore your options. I wish you the absolute best in whatever you do.
  7. by   star0910
    I'm looking for a hospital job right now and I applied to a couple already. Thank you very very much!
  8. by   lucianne
    Even if you didn't already hate it, you'd have to be really lucky to find a job in interior design and you won't be making $100,000 at it, either. Find something you love or at least feel good about doing. Life's too short to spend every day doing something you hate.