I just found a reason to get into the holiday spirit!!!

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  2. I was wondering how long it was going to be before I got into the holiday spirit. Well this sure did help!!!


    Merry Christmas All.

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a very, very, very, very, good boy this year! I would like you to bring me........... If you do then next year you will not have to bring me anything because I will have been so bad.
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  4. by   KC CHICK
    Geeez.....how come guys are so easy??? (To shop for, I mean.)
  5. by   pkmom
    Could it be that my hubby might want the same thing?
    For real, today he told me he wanted socks!
  6. by   wildtime88
    <he told me he wanted socks!>

    Maybe before christmas you need to buy him a pair of socks. Then walk up to him wearing nothing but the socks you bought for him and holding catalogs from Sears(tools), bestbuy, circut city, and a sporting goods catalog, then ask him if the only thing he is interested in are the socks you bought him for Christmas.
  7. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... socks...

    Well... I guess the whole stocking and garter thing is out the window... (tee hee)

    I do suppose its cheaper though...
  8. by   Q.


    Try something with a little more class.
  9. by   wildtime88
    You can call me low class if you want. I do not care if the out fit she is wearing is made out of cotton, rayon, nylon, or silk and I do not really care.

    I just want Santa to show with my present so I can slowly unwrap it or tear it off depending on what she would respond too the best.

    If he brings me this, then I will without a doubt be on the naughty list next year
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  10. by   pkmom
    asked the hubby...he liked the idea and said, "forget the cataloges!"
  11. by   e-nurse
    I s she real? B/c her boobs look kind of air brushed. I mean I like what I see, but it looks like one of those magnet things for kids where they can choose different outfits. I mean I really love what I see, but that's just what it looks like.
  12. by   wildtime88
    Hey you are spoiling my fantasy e-nurse, besides cant Santa sprinkle some kind of majic dust on her just in case. If he make the reindeer fly then he has to be able to make her real.

    Please do not tell me that I am going to have to see my fairy god mother about this, she always wants something wierd in return for a favor.

    Dear Santa,

    Please make sure she is real and all the parts are in order. I am not picky and will not mind if silicone is used in a couple of places just do not over do it. Please! I have been a very, very, very, very, good boy this year and it will save you a trip next year.
  13. by   kids
    Dear Santa,
    I know I haven't been very good this year and it only looks to get worse before Christmas but pretty pretty please can I have one too?

    I can do better than milk and cookies...

    Yours Truely
  14. by   Q.

    I never said YOU were low-class; I said Frederick's has NO class. When I see Frederick's stuff, it reminds me of trailer trash.

    A woman can be incredibly sexy and feminine without resorting to the cheap crap that Frederick's sells. It just might take a little more effort - but the effect will last alot longer.
  15. by   KC CHICK
    SuzyK, does you're husband believe that too??
    I think any man is easily impressed by the 'trashy' items that are in the Fredrick's ad. I know my fiance is.

    Variety, girl......simply variety.