I just cant go in tomorrow...

  1. I know you guys dont know me very well, Ive only been here for a few weeks but I need help.
    Some of you might know Im a learning disability nurse in the UK. Well, Ive been in my current job for 8 years and Ive simply had enough. Ive been applying for other jobs for a few months but jobs in learning disabilities are hard to come by and I already work for the largest care provider in my area. I love my residents and my nursing assistants are great but I just cant take any more.
    My management give nurses no support and no encouragement to provide a good service. Were in the middle of a service re-design which basically means the NHS are closing our service and giving our residents up to the cheapest alternative. This is affecting everyone, each day this week ive had to support at least one of my nursing assistants in tears over whats going on. Were not expected to close for another 3 years but the management are already starting to run the place down when it comes to staffing levels, environmental concerns and resident care.
    Every day I feel sick knowing I have to go in to work but I feel I cant take time off because, due to staffing changes/moves Im the only registered nurse in our unit who knows the residents.My residents are all profoundly disabled with little or no verbal communication so having someone there who knows them is very important.
    Ive considered just taking the next job that comes along, be it downgrading to a nursing assistant post, just to get out of there.Problem is I cant afford it as Im carrying so many debts from my previous relationship.
    My current partner is great but has no knowledge of nursing or the situation Im in and I just end up snapping at him cause he doesnt understand.Ive just sent him out to his parents for dinner and I feel like just going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head until I have to get back up and go into work again tomorrow.
    Sorry to rant on and on but I hoped getting it all down and hopefully getting your advice might help.
    Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   kaycee
    Lisa, you sound like an extremely caring and dedicated nurse. However I believe when you reach the point where you can no longer give the level of care you desire in a safe way, it is time to step away. I know that you feel you will be deserting the residents that so depend on you, but you need to ultimately take care of yourself and your life. You need to do what's best for you. Maybe staying where you are temporarily until someting else comes up that is better money might work. I know you feel you can't do it anymore but if there's light at the end of the tunnel sometimes it helps.
    Whatever you decide, do it for you, because if you are not happy, everyone around you will suffer. Take care and good luck. Sometimes just venting here will help you to make your own decision.:kiss
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Call in and take a mental health day for yourself!
    I am not sure that I can stand to stay with a job for longer than??? Well my last job I held for nearly 8 years and this one has been almost 6... Time flies! I think I will hold out for 8 years here too then it's off to another place with a new set of challenges!
    You can only deal with the same challenges for so long before you go crazy from beating your head against the walls! Plus the place starts looking bad from all the dented walls!
    Call in and take a day for you where you don't think about work! Then start looking for something that is more workable for you!
  5. by   jevans

    NHS is in a major crap zone!

    BUT I implore you to think about

    A] is it viable for you to take an inferior post to your qualifications

    B] Is the next person to take YOUR JOB as qualified and able to give the care you can give

    C] DO YOU TRUELY want to give up

    IF you are feeling so awful

    1] Go and see OCC Health

    2] Contact the RCN or your union

    3} Contact your MP

    And finally the NMC

    BUT please do not give up. Ask yourself why did I choose this job what was my aims am I achieving them

    [iam writing this thinking omg what a company man BUT in fact what i am thinking is that the NHS can not afford to loose so many caring nurses. They talk about retension and recruitment and still get it wrong]

    If I can help as a fellow UK nurse please do not hesitate to PM me
  6. by   donmurray
    In our area, Social Services seem to be taking over as the main provider in LD, but the upheaval to staff sounds similar. The posts so far cover all I was going to say. Look after yourself first. Look around for alternative uses for your qualifications. Look to your union for support and advicewhile doing the first two. Maybe you could channel your frustration at the declining resources into fighting the decline as part of a group.
    take care