I have a question about acne scars.

  1. i will be starting clinicals this fall, and i know for sure i don't want to wear makeup of any kind during these. with my oily face, and my sweating when i'm nervous, i am sure this will make for a disaster in my whites. but, i really hate not wearing makeup because i have dark acne scars. does anyone have any suggestions on how to lighten them? i have been told to go to the dermatologist...that is a negative. i'm a full time student, i'm poor:chuckle any advice would be appreciated...i want to be free from my makeup once and for all.
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  3. by   MyReign1
    I tried many over the counter remedies for years nothing worked. I went to the dermatologist and was given a prescription for retin-a micro, within 2 weeks I saw results. It not only lightened the dark spots but I also had some small dents near my temples and it evened those out. It is definately worth spending $75 for an appointment. It has made a world of difference for me. I'm so mad I didn't do this years ago, I could have been that much farther ahead. I know you said no dermatologist but that may be your only option for real results. Its either $75 in one woop or you could waste money and years on OTC remedies.
  4. by   JUSTYSMOM

    Two of my co-workers use Proactive Solution. Have you ever seen the commercials with Vanessa Williams or the girl from "Who's the Boss"? That's what they sell. But my co-workers swear up and down that it really really works. I am not sure the cost- but it might be worth checking it out...
  5. by   oceanblue
    I've had trouble with acne for the past 2-3 years, tried EVERY RX and OTC stuff out there.......finally I found a GREAT product, I saw results within 2 weeks, It's "Enfusselle" by Shaklee. I put this on every night @ bedtime, I don't have one discoloration or breakout on my face.
    It's a really great product.