I have a present for you all...check in!

  1. Twas the Night before Christmas
    And all thru the house
    Allnurses were tending
    To those who need mending

    On orthopedics, all patents in traction
    Were gifted with nurses to left spirits a fraction

    Susan Mary was prepared to be pulled
    But reported to work
    Lest she be ridiculed
    Dr.Kate was house super, and
    Thank goodness she's cool
    She pulled not a face
    From their unit home base

    Along many hallways, the stretchers were laid
    With fine Christmas tablecloths
    And goodies homemade

    Hoolahan shared med cups of champagne
    Just enough to lift spirits, yet leave nurses sane

    Heather cooked turkey with all the trimmings
    And it was so good, it left us all grinning

    Vegas was off but stopped in to deliver
    A present from Emma - Cookies with Glitter!

    The ICU was blessedly code-free
    Allowing a visit from nurse JennyP
    (She even got micro in on the glee)

    A call from down under from aus nurse and Oz
    Left us all teary and blowing our schnozz

    Wendi and Adri checked in from the North
    Together in spirit they weathered a snowstorm
    (They tried to reach Kewl to help with the shoveling,
    but he'd packed up the family, and by way of tunneling,
    they headed for a warm beach, down in the southest)

    Just when we believed the night would be silent
    That rebel showed up all silly and wired
    And before we could stop her she said
    "Ain't it Quiet?"

    Suddenly, there arose a loud clatter
    We ran to the heliport to see what was the matter

    And what to our smiling blueyes did we see?
    But Rudolf taxi-ing in from the sky!

    We gasped in excitement, just at he thought
    Of meeting the big guy in that Red Velvet Coat!

    But before we could speak, we were stopped by the sight
    Of Santa slumped over, no cold breath in sight!

    We sprung into action, no need for reflection,
    And called a code blue, without hesitation.

    The Sushiwhore jumped atop Santa's chest,
    and started compressions to cease the arrest.
    Kevin McHugh accomplished intubation
    and an IV was started without trepidation

    Mario watched the organized melee
    And thought to himself
    "Someday that will be me!"

    RNinICU charged up the paddles,
    and delivered 3 shocks, in ACLS manner

    Sinus!, yelled Telenurse_O2, as we ambu'd
    Checked on pulses and got a pulse ox too.

    Then his eyes fluttered open and began to twinkle
    And he pushed us aside and smoothed velvet wrinkles

    I owe you my friends, I owe you my life
    And the world owes you too, for allowing this night
    To continue my work over all lands
    I can't than you enough for your helping hands

    We begged to assist him, so he could be cath'd
    But he wouldn't hear it, he just simply laughed

    Don't worry dear people
    I'm good as new
    I promise I get all checked up
    When I'm through

    God Bless you allnurses
    For your brains and your might
    Now Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a good night!

    Then he hopped on his sleigh
    And rode out of sight!

    I hope you all enjoyed it. I only wish I was such a good poet to have included everyone!

    Feel free to sub,it other verses that include yourself or your alnurses friends. It can be squeezed in before rebel lets all heck break loose by using the Q word!

    Merry Christmas my dear dear friends!!!
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  3. by   kristi915
    That was great!!!

    Now, I'm off to sleep so Santa can come to my house tonight!!!
  4. by   baseline
    Wow! What a nice present! Merry Christmas!
  5. by   susanmary
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night..... Sue
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    You got me smiling Hoolihan my friend.
    Have a great Christmas!
  7. by   Jenny P
    Thank You Hoolio! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
    What an awesome present hoolahan! You must have been working on that for awhile? Those are the best presents! The ones with some thought behind them!

    Hope you're having a happy holiday season, and smiling as big as I am right now!

  9. by   night owl
    Hey hoolahan, Thanks for giving me a big fat smile for Christmas. Girl, you are soooooo clever!
  10. by   anitame
    Hoolahan, you're the best! That's incredible.
  11. by   kids
    Thank you hoolahan.

  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This was AMAZING....you have such talent. I sure do you love it! HUGE smilie on my face now. THANK YOU!
  13. by   prmenrs
    That was a VERY nice present!! Thank You!
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    Great poem! Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too, hoolihan!