I hate wisdom teeth. :*(

  1. All I can say right now is...

    OWW.. .... OWWWWWW!

    3 wisdom teeth pulled Tuesday afternoon,

    Went back Wednesday morning because I had been bleeding from the upper left socket throughout the night (not just an ooze, I'm tellin ya I was tachycardic and dizzy by the am)...

    Thursday was ok,

    Friday- Pain .. pain... Darvocet .. Darvocet....

    Today: Excruciating pain regardless of more Darvocet in the lower right side. I think I may have dry socket. I'm just sitting here on allnurses passing the time until my oral surgeon answers my page...

    Can anyone help take my mind off this horrible pain?

    (Oh and I'm scheduled to work in the am... already missed all 3 shifts for last week)...blahhh

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  3. by   EmmaG

    Here's something to take your mind off it... I hope.

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  5. by   RN1989
    Sorry, tooth pain is the worst. When I had to have a wisdom tooth out though, it was so hurting so bad before, that the pain afterwards only felt like a little pin prick. Any good movies on tonight? I just got home but haven't looked. You know, endorphins make pain more bearable - ice cream, smooth and creamy chocolate, melt in your mouth brownies.......

    Don't forget about using topical, the new Kanka brand medicine in the toothpaste aisle has a "caine" in it and can help numb things.
  6. by   Sue Damones
    omg id say lol but thats not true cause opening my mouth hurts.. so i'm... laughing on the inside. Thank you

  7. by   Conrad283
    I know the feeling.

    I've had three wisdom teeth pulled. The tops at the same time (they were not impacted), and I've only gotten the bottom left done. It was impacted so I had to go to an oral surgeon. He actually had to cut my tooth in half because it's crown was resting underneath the crown of the tooth next to it.

    Thank god I never got dry socket because people say that's the worst.

    Vicodin is a great.

    The day after I had my bottom tooth pulled I had to go get my picture taken for my new ID. Go figure, the whole left side of my mouth was swollen and very evident in the picture.

    Hang in there, the pain will go away.
  8. by   Sue Damones

    So, after the oral surgeon finally answered my page last night, he told me he does think it's dry socket. He wants to see me in the office Monday morning... but to 'hold me over' he called in an Rx for Vicodin. By the time I got to Walgreens last night, I was in tears from the pain. I've never felt pain like this before!

    Today has basically been a mix of feeling really weird from the Vicodin and of course, more pain.

    I can't wait for this to end.