I Hate My Job

  1. Actually it isnt the actual job that I hate. It is the atmosphere where I work. Actually I think I dislike people in general except my pts I have become very antisocial. The only people I like to talk to are the people on the net. I think i am a resonabley good nurse Ive never made any major mistakes and I truely do care about my pts. But I find all the petty bullcrap completely unbearable. And there has been plenty of that at work and even in my family. Geez I think I need to up my prozac. Are there any strictly computer nursing jobs? Ok I will shut up cause now I cant even stand my whiney self.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Well when you can't stand yourself, only you is the one you can change. LOL. I get there frequently too so don't feel bad.

    We have a nurse that does nothing but information system nursing, she loves it. But you do have to deal with silly nurses who don't know who to use a mouse and stuff like that. So I doubt that's the job for you.

    Hang in there.
  4. by   funnygirl_rn
    Angelbear...have you tried looking at other units or different hospitals, or doing something different etc...? I did...and I am so much HAPPIER! The atmosphere at my previous job...was so caustic..catty...and detrimental. I too..only enjoyed the patients due to nasty people on that floor...well not all were nasty..but majority. However, I liked all the agency or travellers that ever worked there....but, once they came on that floor...they also hated the atmosphere! Good luck & take care.
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  5. by   Mkue
    angelbear, I hope you find something better! Sometimes there is so much crap in the workplace that can't be changed. I agree with Tweety, you are the one to make the change.
  6. by   nursenoelle
    angelbear- sometimes a little change can do a world of good. Good luck to you.
  7. by   shygirl
    I'm sorry you're feeling like this. Go shopping. It helps!

  8. by   angelbear
    I like the shopping idea. Thanks for the responses I do feel a bit better but then again I dont leave for work for another hour. But then I have two days off so it'll be fine
  9. by   Hellllllo Nurse

    You sound just like me. I was just telling my husband the other day...I'm so tired of dealing w/ all the crap, backstabbing politics, and just stupid people at work!

    Isn't there any kind of nursing I can do alone, with a computer?

    I just want to be a hermit!
  10. by   angelbear
    Hellllllo if you figure it out please let me know and If i do I will let you know. Thanks for responding it helps to know i am not alone.