I Got Some!

  1. Made ya look!

    Seriously, I got my first 2 Christmas cards today! Well, actually we got one from Malboro (?) yesterday, but I'm not counting that one!

    I got home from the grocery store, and what do I see peeking out of my mailbox? Christmas cards from Vegas and Chuck! Too cool!

    So, who else has gotten their cards?

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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Me!! I got one from Australia and one from California so far!! Wee!!
  4. by   Mattigan
    Chuck and Heather aren't on the list I got from Vegas. Are there different lists?
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Not everyone is on the master list. Some preferred not to give their direct home address - which is understandable!! You may want to PM those you'd like to exchange with that aren't on the list.
  6. by   karenG
    I am starting to get cards too- thanks! my family think I am nuts but nothing new there!!

  7. by   PennyLane
    I'm too poor to send out nice, real cards. But I have gotten (and sent) email cards!! Thanks to everyone!
  8. by   vashka25
    I got one from Vegas yesterday !!!!!!!!
    Imagine that....the Canadian postal system actually worked for once !
    Weeeeee... what fun! Mine should be arriving soon to all of those on the master list !!!!
  9. by   jevans
    Sent and recieved so many Email cards

    Thanks you guys
  10. by   warrior woman
    Thanks a bunch!!! Nice to have a Christmas card from one of my allnurses sibs!!! BTW your card is on its way to ya!!!! WW.
  11. by   aus nurse
    Got mine from Vegas yesterday

    Mine have gone out in 2 batches...should be winging their way over there as we speak. Vegas's I sent early.

    I think I have personally funded Australia Post's Xmas bonuses for this year
  12. by   JonRN
    Got mine from LVRN today, it was very pretty (like the sender), and the verse was nice. It was a little hard to dance to though, for all you American Bandstand Fans. I will get busy and send mine tomorrow I promise or the day after or the day after that or as soon as Gracie kicks me real hard.
  13. by   adrienurse
    Got on from Vegas actually quite a few days ago. Very pretty! I love shiny objects!
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    Got on from Vegas actually quite a few days ago. Very pretty! I love shiny objects!
    There were no shiny objects in my card