I found out that....

  1. I got the scholarships I applied for! Right now, all I am having to pay for is (I think) just 2 books. That is until Junior Year, when I actually start Nursing classes, and then they are paid for. I am extremely happy, and very pleased with myself. One reason is b/c I didn't do too hot on my ACT (above average though) and so I was absolutely stoked when I found out that I got this much $. Anyways, just wanted to share the great news! Have a great day!

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WOOOHOOO you go! Good luck to you!
  4. by   Mkue
    Congrats Pookie.. that'll make your life a little easier !
  5. by   baseline
    Good for you!
  6. by   Beach_RN
    Congrats! Great News!
  7. by   emily_mom

    Sorry, that's for me.


    WOOT!! Very proud of you! It will be so nice to get out of school and not have any loans!

    BTW, thank you for the lovely PM. I'll get back to you soon.

  8. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    Thank you all so much guys! I sincerely think that you all are so much more supportive than people I "really" know! I am so lucky to have friends like ya'll!!! Thank you all again!


    BTW, emily_mom, thanks for the beer!