I Finally Finished that Bugger of a course in world history

  1. ...Yippee!!!! I feel like I can live again! No more deadlines, until the next set of courses that is!!! Even if I didn't get any questions right on this test, I would have still passed the course...but I do think I did OK on the final.

    Oh what to do, what to do...wished summer was starting all over again! Guess I will first start my re-committment to better health! Oh and see a movie....Oh Oh and ride my bike before the snow starts....and read a book for FUN!!!!! Maybe clean the house or even decorate the bedroom and bathroom since the stuff has been sitting ready to do for over 6 months now!!!

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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Congrats and Whoopie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Congratulations...............enjoy your time in between courses!
  5. by   Tweety
    Congrats! Enjoy the time before the next course starts!
  6. by   nicuRN2007
    Congrats! What a relief, huh?:hatparty:
  7. by   kitty29
    Yup one day up and than today....on the way into work while both of us were making our lt terns in our respective lanes...a big D**M Semi hit me and messed my my VUE(that I had just completed payments on)on the passenger side....his box went over the center line, he didn't see me, and I couldn't do anything!

    In the long run I'm lucky (but I hate semi's, one killed my father)but I am still so upset...and you know the emotion of everything hit when I walked into work. Then of course they had me in charge....but thank God I was able to get someone else to do that.

    So...I'll get it schedualed to be fixed and have to get it serviced for the routine anyway on Friday. It seems I can drive it...but darn it anyway...I bet it'll be over $3000 of damage even the windshild was cracked! No airbags went off tho....but someone says I should get them checked anyway.

    So there goes any extra cash...I have a $500 deductable....and even tho he crossed over in my lain,and agreed with what I told the cop...he was saying the fault was that there had be construction in the area....so there ya go.