I can't drink another cup of Go-Lytely(r)

  1. I started this about an hour and a half ago. It's not even half gone yet, and I CAN'T Take another sip!!!!!

    Have you ever heard of anybody actually getting outside all 4 liters of their go-lytely?

    And shouldn't I have started to have results by now? My patients always did!!

    It's much thicker than it looks, and it tastes greasy AND salty.

    Oh, poor, Poor Dennie. LOL


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  3. by   oramar
    Yeah I know Dennie, I choaked down 3/4 of the stuff but never got the whole thing down. Neither does most of my patients. You should be running real soon. In all my years I only remember one patient on which the stuff did not work. Everyone was like me for most part spent the next 12 hours in BR. Just remember this is most difficult part, the actual test is a breeze next to the prep.
  4. by   RN-PA
    Oh Dennie-- I'm so sorry for you! I always feel bad when I have to give patients Golytely. What flavor is yours? Our hospital only has cherry flavor, but I'm told it also comes in lemon and pineapple.

    When my husband had a colonoscopy last year, I just knew he'd never be able to do the Golytely (he hates cherry flavor) so I sent him to the doc with a note asking for the Fleets #3 prep. He was up all night with the Fleets #3 (Clear liquids, 8 oz. q1h starting at noon, Mag citrate at 7 p.m., Dulcolax tabs, 4, at 9 p.m., and then dulcolax enema in a.m. of procedure) and so I'm not sure if the Golytely might have quicker results??? I've given enough bowel preps on 3-11, but I'm never there on night shift to see if the patients are up all night pooping.

    This one poor older male patient I had couldn't keep the Golytely down or drink enough of it, so the doctor ordered an NG tube to be inserted and I had to pour cupfuls down the NGT of that nasty stuff every 20 minutes or so.

    Please let us know how it "goes" , and my sympathies for you!
  5. by   CATHYW
    Poor Dennie! I know perzackly what you are going through. You may want to try it over ice. I had to use it three times, yes 3, when I had my bowel obstruction. If you wanna know pain, imagine the perstalsis that accompanied that! It was like being in labor!
    No, I was never able to finish the entire thing, but came pretty close.
    Are you going to have a CT of the abdomen? If so, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but if it is a CT with contrast, there is more stuff to drink! It is white, chalky, and sweet. I did that 3 times, too! In addition, they may inject contrast medium in a site in your antecub.
    I signed the permit for an exploratory abdominal surgery with temporary colostomy (99% sure, they said), because they just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. 3 Drs. and a few hours later, they still didn't know what caused the blockage, but I woke up with no temp. colostomy. They did keep 14 inches of my large intestine for a souveneir, though!
    Good luck, Dennie. I'll be thinking aboutcha, and keeping you in my prayers.
  6. by   Mary Dover
    You're in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. by   Brownms46
    I worked in a GI special procedures unit...and a lot of the pts had the same problem getting down that stuff. And they also c/o the salty taste! And most of the time...all said the prep was worse than the procedure! I agree with RN-PA and would ask for a different prep. Also pushing the clear liguids allowed, will help in getting results started.

    Remembers me of when my mother had her colonsocopy/EGD. I picked up the Golyte prep...and brought it to her...and instructed her on how to take it. I also told her...that she couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnite, until after the procedure. She balked and told me...they didn't tell me to do that..:chuckle:. I said ok...mom...what do you think they wanted you to do? She said..they wanted me to bring this with me in the morning...and they definitely didn't expect me not to have anything to eat or drink......LORD...denial is a disease I finally gave up.. and left! She called a friend...who told her the same thing I had told her! Later she called me and said...Now baby...how am I supposed to do this??

    Take care NurseDennie...I'm sure all will come out well...
  8. by   NurseDennie
    It's not getting any better!!!

    I got the lemon flavor. But that's fake advertising, as it tasts NOTHING like lemon. The nurse who did the assessment and signed me up for this and I discussed the choice of flavors (G).

    I'm taking it over ice, and the jug is in the refrigerator. Shudder.... I'm peeing a lot, but that's all. Well, I do seem to be getting these quaking shudders from time to time, nausea, and I feel a little bit of pressure in my U/L quad.

    The nurse suggested that I chase it with something like coke or gingerale, so I've got some gingerale going. But the instructions on the jug say don't sweeten it... So, I've stopped chasing it with gingerale in case it was negating the effects of the golytely. I've given it to people before, and I would have sworn that there was NO WAY to negate the effects of the golytely!! So now I'm trying to drink it w/o gingerale, but now water tastes nasty!

    Cathy - did you have to take three gallons of it like 1-2-3, or in three separate installments? Either way, I don't see how you stood up under it. My hat's off to you, that's for sure.

    I'm sick of this whole thing! I don't even get online and chat with my buddies anymore. I've got nothing to chat about but how crappy I feel. That's no topic for conversation. Yeah, yeah, like this is!! Okay, well, I'll go look at TV again for a while. And THAT doesn't help either. I don't like TV and I especially don't like daytime TV and I guess I'm getting irritable.


  9. by   live4today
    Dear NurseDennie ((((HUGS)))) and :kiss I feel for ya for sure. I did have to drink that stuff once, but never could get much in me because of the taste, so I refused to drink it, soooooooooo the doc ordered castor oil for me - the thick stuff - the nasty nasty stuff - worse than golytely -- and I was forced to drink it. The nurse stood over me while I tried to get it down. I was crying into the cup it was so nasty. I finally got it down, and told her to stay close by or send someone else to stay with me because everytime I have a laxative (or even an enema of any kind), my vagal nerve cuts up and causes me to hyperventilate, vomit, break out in a major sweat, and sometimes pass out. She didn't believe me, so I was found "heavy breathing and sweating" on the bathroom floor not long after that. Two nurses and an aide carried me to my bed, had me breathe into a brown paper bag, and tried talking me out of the hyperventilation that I was having...they spoke ever so calmly, but sternly. My nurse apologized for not believing me and stated many patients tell her things like that, but she had never witnessed one actually do it. Well, I bet she's on her toes to this day when a patient tells her things like I told her. I wasn't even a nurse then, so I didn't understand the lies some patients will tell their nurses when they try to wiggle their way out of taking something ordered by the doc for a procedure. :chuckle
  10. by   Paprikat
    Oh great, I am scheduled for a ba. enema soon. I have to drink the 4 litres of go lytely. I was thinking that 4 litres seems like an awful lot. Does anyone know of an easier prep cause now after reading this, I am freaked out, especially if it tastes as bad as Dennie says it does.
  11. by   live4today
    Castor oil is what I ended up being given when I refused the golytely. That was back in the 1980's though. Don't know about today. My prayers are with you...
  12. by   NurseDennie
    I might have to take the castor oil. I'm almost done with the golytely and no results. I've got some castor oil. How much should I take, Renee?

    Well, I said I "couldn't" take any more golytely, and of course I was exaggerating, because I indeed have done. I haven't finished it yet, and I know I should have done by now.

    It really doesn't taste *That* awful, Paprikat. It's just thick-ish and almost-sweet but not quite, and the salty taste.

    I've been pouring it over ice in a 16-oz cup (maybe 20 oz? Let me go look... No, 16-oz it is) and I can drink about half of it at a go. Like I just took half of one glass, and then I had to go see how big the cup is (It's a disposable, I went to look at the package. I didn't want to use a nice glass that I'll want to use again for something else in case I go off it. You know how you do).... And I just finished up this cup's worth. Gagggg

    So I'm not getting 8 oz at a time, and I'm taking longer and longer between glasses. I should be completely done with this by now, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining that it's not working. I'm being as compliant as I can!!!!!!!


  13. by   live4today
    Dennie, from what my aged memory recollects, I can visualize 30cc of thick clearish gunk in one of those clear medicine cups being shoved at me by this tall overbearing nurse as I sat on my hospital bed pouting and crying about the whole drama. I was in my late twenties at the time, and acting every bit like a big baby myself. :chuckle
  14. by   night owl
    Never could figure out why they called it golytely b/c once it kicks in, you sure don't go lightly! More like goahelluvalotly. Back in the early 70's I had a prep for a cystoscopy and drank some Neoloid and cascara...wasn't as bad as that stuff. Hope everything turns out in the end kiddoe, and it will...Good luck and "happy crappin."
    :kiss ~Michele