I bought some cool smelly stuff!

  1. hiyas guys...

    ok... I just found a pine-y smell spray that actually smells like christmas tree...
    (hang on one sec-- my incense is smoking me out!)

    oh... yeah...its cool spruce home fragrance spray... bath and body works sells it... its in a tiny silver can!

    its awesome! real x-mas tree smell...which is good b/c I have a plastic tree....

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  3. by   aus nurse
    Ah ha...kewl idea Barb... I am too damm lazy to get a real tree...that would be the next best thing
    I love cool new smelly stuff! I just got a coupon in the mail for Bath & Body Works... I think it's tme I wander in there!

  5. by   sunnygirl272
    i have been a fan of theit Cool Spruce for a long time...also love their Fresh Linen, although it's not Xmasy, it is a clean pleasant smell...
  6. by   delirium
    That cool spruce is really irritating to me, but then I have to be careful about what fragrances I have because I'm an asthmatic ('with poor daily control' if you listen to my doc).

    I really like the cotton blossom fragrance at B&BW, though.

    And I just started burning the pumpkin pie candle I bought at Yankee last month... that just makes me hungry.

  7. by   emily_mom
    I love the cranberry shower gel they had last year (didn't see it this year).

    I am also a Yankee candle addict. Thankfully, the flower shop has a buy 9 get one free club. Helps save a little money...those babies aren't cheap.
  8. by   CashewLPN
    emily mom-- they have a nice cranberry stuff at the body shop... its all the same company too, so I'm pretty sure its similar
  9. by   emily_mom
    We don't have a body shop here....I live in hell...

    Maybe I'll have to check it out online and see if I can order it. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!