I bought myself a used car for graduation

  1. Hi guys. Yes it's true I bought myself a used car for my graduation present. A 1977 Corvette that is. THIS IS ONE SWEET CAR!!!!! Oh how I love it. It is bright red, 350 V-8, T-TOPS,AUTOMATIC,POWER WINDOWS. AND here's the best part, it was sold by a lady who lives about a mile from my house for $12,000. And the deciding factor was that the car only has 29,000 ORIGINAL MILES ON THE ODOMETER!!!!!! R What a machine!!! I'm officially brorke, but I don't carer. I have never felt so happy it's been such a wonderful last few days. Everything is seeming to come together at once. Ou graduation ceremony was covered by Channel 11 WTOL THE NEWS CHANNEL. HEY HEATHER!!!!! TUNE INTO THE NEWS TONIGHT ON CHANNEL 11 AT 6 AND 11 TONIGHT!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!! :roll I love all you guys so much!!! Thank you forstanding by me all these months. You are all so incredibly special to me. Warrrior Woman.
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Nice gift for yourself! I hope you have fun with it.
    Congratualtions of your graduation and I hope you give me a ride at the allnurses meeting in Las Vegas.
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Wow is right!
    I want a car like that, but then again I always remember that commercial where the guy is driving the fancy sports car and the two girls say something like, "Hmmmm must be trying to make up for some...." Oh nevermind!
    Congrats WW! So glad for you!
  5. by   live4today
    Congrats on buying yourself a graduation present of your dreams, Theresa! Ride with safety now, and enjoy every mile! :kiss
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    what a nice way to do something for, you.
  7. by   duckie
    You've earned it my friend but remember, "Don't drive faster than your guardian Angel can fly." Luv ya!
  8. by   live4today
    Hey Theresa.........does your car look like this by any chance?

  9. by   warrior woman
    Renee YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Where in the world was that pic taken? My car looks exactly like that!!! Come on over and we'll go cruisin' my sister!!!! I love you so much and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. That picture is uncanny!!! Theresa.
  10. by   live4today
    Well....since you like that one so much, I found this 1977 red T-top Corvette on the following website, and this place is located in Arizona: www.cnv-corvettes.com/

    It is selling for $11,995.00, has 75,000 miles on it, and is an automatic. Now....I can see myself riding in style in this car all the way to Las Vegas to visit Mother Vegas! I'd pick it up in Arizona, and cruise on up to Las Vegas, NV!!! :kiss

    Ooooooooooweeeeeeee....what a ride, Theresa! Can't you just see my hair blowing in the wind as we cruise down I-75 mapping our way all the way to Vegas? As Austin Power's says, "YEAH BABY!!!"
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  11. by   warrior woman
    Oooooooohhh baby!!! You KNOW it!!!! Look out Mother Vegas!!! The 'Vette sisters are 'bout to hit town!!! Theresa
  12. by   misti_z
    WoW Theresa I am so happy for you!!

    You deserve it.

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