I am so mad at the Quebec government!!!!

  1. I don't know why but every rule and law in Quebec HAS to be different, then the rest of Canada!

    Even Quebec has a separate licence then the rest of Canada, but that is another story!!!

    I just called about info on changing my name legally, so I have my husband to be's name. (In Qc, it doesn't happen automatically), I thought that if I changed my name legally and paid all the fees....it would be possible.
    When I called the Civil Status place an hour ago, the woman started laughing saying, I hope it isn't for your husbands name!
    I thought she was just acting like one of those women who are against it for personal feminine reasons.
    I can only have his name if I get married somewhere else, and MOVE somewhere else.....I am starting to consider, cause this place is driving me crazy! They just want to believe that they have their own country!

    My mother and my grandmothers had their husbands name, and I think it is important when their are kids involved, that it isn't just the mom that has a different name!

    This really bothers me!
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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    That seems odd....

    So when people get married there, the woman can not take her husbands name?

    Sorry, don't know much about Canada, but can you possibly go somewhere esle to have your name changed legally? Or, since he's your husband to be, not legally married yet, maybe you can change your name to his before you get married. He's technically not your husband yet....
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  4. by   Michelle_nurse
    I want to change my name after I get married, I was just asking her for the paper work. (the woman I spoke to, knew this, she was telling me the law for after I get married).
    It doesn't surprise me, they like to make things impossible! The only way, I could take my husband to be's name is if we moved from here into any other province. Quebec is the only province that has this rule, lucky me!
  5. by   Paprikat
    I have heard that, as my friend is from Montreal. That is weird. I know this may be a dumb question, but can you go to say Ottawa and do it from there or do you have to physically move?
  6. by   Michelle_nurse
    I would have to physically move, I already asked....If I dealt with the paper work in another province, let's say...Ontario, my name would still be my maiden name once I came back to Qc.
    Stupid system, I should be able to have a choice, like the rest of the country!