I am so disappointed ....

  1. My daughter was in a MVA Friday nite... she was with her dad... who rear ended someone while doing 50 mph.. and didn't make her wear her seat belt. When the mva occurred... she hit the windshield... fell in the floorboard... and lost conciousness briefly... when the emt's got there ... she was up and walking but still disoriented... they didn't put her on a backboard, or use a collar... the doc on call just had them clean her forehead... gave her 2 tylenol#3... and told her not to go to sleep.... NO x-rays... NO ct's... NOTHING!... sent her home... I was sooooooooooooooooooo mad..... can't believe they didn't do more!... I took her to MY doctor... had her checked out... and thank God she is fine... bruised... but fine! but come Monday... the er doc is gonna have a LOT of explaining to do!... (she was with her dad...I was out of town.. and didn't get the message until they had been sent home.. just in case you were wondering!)

    ok... i feel better now... just needed to vent!
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  3. by   bubba
    Sorry to here about the accident. As for the ER doc, he could have been setting himself up for some really big trouble. I'm not an ER nurse, but I believe that in any MVA, it is assumed that the pt may have a spinal injury until ruled out. Not putting on a c-collar or not getting a c-spine x-ray seems negligent to me. Espically for a 50mph MVA.
  4. by   cmggriff
    I see trauma is handled a little differently where you live. any head injured pt should be locked down in full spinal protection on scene unless pt is so combative that this endangers them more. x-ray is the means of clearing the c-spine I am aware of. Anyone who loses consciousness as a result of head injury should have a CT and be observed overnight in a hospital. I believe these are minimum standars in all the other 49 states.
    I'm glad your daughter is okay. I hope she wears her seat belt from now on. Gary
  5. by   oramar
    Failing to properly restrain a child is a very serious matter. You are focusing to much on the failure of the emergency personel and not enough on the parental negligence here.
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  6. by   susanmary
    How old is your daughter? Seatbelt laws? Police involved? Giving Tylenol #3 and expecting her NOT to fall asleep? I don't blame you for being upset -- you are owed many explanations. I'm sorry for what you are going through -- it's difficult seeing your children hurt. Prayers to you and your daughter.:angel2:
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  7. by   Mary Dover
    OH MY GOSH! Unbelieveable how negligent (and apathetic) the ER doc sounds in this incident. KLHS - (((((hugs))))) to you and your daughter. How is she mentally as well? An MVA can be pretty scary, can make riding in a vehicle an anxiety provoking experience for some people for quite some time to come. Please keep us posted. Take care and God Bless you and your daughter.
  8. by   klhs
    Oramar... trust me... my ex husband has experienced my anger with his stupidity over this... and knows how close he came to losing his daughter because he didn't make her wear the seat belt!

    I talked to the er doc today and asked why things were handled the way they were... his explanation was that he followed the "guidelines" for ct's and xrays... and based on his physical exam of her he didn't feel that she warranted a ct or xray! I told him the ONLY reason he needed was the fact that she was an unrestrained passenger in a mva that hit the windshield and that as for his physical exam I have a copy of the er record and most of it was "deferred"! I did have her xray'd by one of the physicians I work for.. and thankfully all were negative!

    My daughter did tell me last nite that she "doesn't care who makes fun of her or who laughs ... but she isn't going anywhere with anyone unless she has her seat belt on!" Then she looked at me and said, " I think I really do have a guardian angel."

    I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and most of all I thank God for keeping her safe in His arms.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    This topic hits (no pun intended) very close to home with me. As you may remember from my thread in Off-Topic dated 3/18, my 27 yo daughter was T-boned in an accident and sustained critical injuries when a Dodge Dakota hit her Mercury Tracer.

    I am the daughter of a stock car driver. Every week, going to the races only emphasized the fact that seat belts save lives. My kids were stuffed into seat belts from babyhood.

    I used to tell them that "the car won't go" if they're not belted in. I would then use my rearview mirror to enforce it. Whenever I spotted an unbuckled kid, I'd pull over and kill the engine so all 5 of them would get buckled and we could continue on.

    When Karen was 18 and learning to drive in college, she called me to tell me she was quite annoyed with me. She'd had a 2 hour arguement with her boyfriend because she insisted that "the car would NOT go" (i.e., start) if the seat belts weren't on. :roll :kiss

    Less than 8 years later, that seat belt saved her life, and prevented her passenger ("I'm not going anywhere til your seat belt's on") from any injury when they were pulling out onto a main road and were hit, spun three times across two crowded lanes of traffic, missed a grove of trees, and came to rest in front of a church.

    She had a lacerated spleen, a punctured lung, 3 broken ribs, and her pelvis was fx in such a way that it required 2 days of traction while the 2 specialists figured out how to repair it. She's now home and walking with a walker. Looking at the totalled car, seeing her seat crumpled into the passenger's side, and the roof crumpled back at least a foot, I can safely say that the seatbelt and God, saved her life.

    Wear those seat belts. Or don't let the car go.
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    Hugs to you....
  11. by   Agnus
    My now (ex) husband was in a motor cycle accident. The helmet was broken. I was not a nurse at the time but had some education in nursing.

    ER doc. wants to send him home. I refused. The helmet is BROKE. He lost consciousness. At the very least you are going to keep him overnight. And he is c/o abd pain.

    Well I got an arguement because I said he had gut pain and he did not hear the patient say it himself. I demanded a sergeon.

    Turns out he had a ruptured spleen. Fractured skull. Concusion.

    And he was going to send this man home. To do what.

    Another time I got angry with a doc (not a nurse at the time) I was sure I broke my arm. He rrefused to x-ray. Turns out he was right I brused a nerve. But an x-ray to confirm would not have hurt. This was not an insurance issue this was the military where they spared no expense and back before managed care anyway. It was a doc issue.
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