I am really confused

  1. I haven't been here much lately. As I remember, there was a real problem with threads being pulled and posts being edited. I was under the impression that those days were past. Especially because 'off-topic- is now out of immediate sight of people generally perusing this site.

    Earlier today I stopped by and someone named 'jana' or 'jayna' had posted about 'where is everyone'. I read it eagerly, because I too had wondered what happened to so many active posters.

    Then I saw a response of OBNURSEHeather about a new site that was formed. Unfortunately, I had to leave right then so didn't get to find out much more.

    Now, it's all gone????? Why??????
    Because it mentioned people leaving????? Going to another site??? Surely we all have other Boards that we visit?

    I am deeply disturbed to see that things haven't really changed. And very sad.

    I can't imagine why everything has become so drastic. What am I missing or misunderstanding?

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  3. by   hoolahan
    The post is gone because the TOS were violated, as well as a very mean-spirited personal attack. I will close this thread, if you wish to discuss moderator issues, please use the site feedback forum, and ask for Brian's input. Posting your concerns about moderators and editing, etc, is inappropriate for this forum, it belongs in site feedback. Thanks