1. http://www.usdoj.gov/victimcompensation/loss_calc.html

    This is Socialism at it's finest.

    Basically, I can cancel mine and my husband's life insurance policy because, why bother? I can save the $100/month and instead rely on victim compensation from the government to pay us for our own lack of planning.

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Mkue
    Susy K,

    I agree too.

    What if some of the spouses decide to remarry someday, do they still get the compensation I wonder.

    I wonder if this will create an uproar with some of the other tragedies that have happend. What about Pearl Harbor, were those victims families able to collect from a compensation fund?

  4. by   Q.
    Yes, what about Pearl Harbor? What about Oklahoma City? What about the various Pan Am hijacked flights? What about the American Embassies that were bombed? What about the victims of the 1991 WTC bombing?

    This is opening a can of worms that can't be put back. I am just LIVID at this thought. I work hard for my money and I work hard to plan for my future. I am so sick and tired of others just kicking back and getting hand-outs, and basically getting rewarded for doing NOTHING - and taking MY money in the meantime.

    When does it end?

    Canada is starting to look real attractive. Ahhhh Toronto. The theatre, the antiques.................
  5. by   fergus51
    I would think that a lot of these families already have life insurance and that the amount of money people donated to charities for the September 11th attacks would make this completely unecessary.
  6. by   3651bht
    Isn't this one of the "free" doms, you and others think we should be fighting for.....

  7. by   Mkue
    Oh hello bobbi,

    And how are you this evening?

  8. by   3651bht
    Don't try to be nice to me now and please stick to the subject at hand no smoke and mirrors please.......

    bobbi ( Whatdaya think inferior or superior complex and which is worse anyway)
  9. by   nurseyoda
    Suzy K, I could not agree with you more. Having the US Govt giving 1.6 mil to each of the victims families is something the govt should do if THEY flew the jets! Bin Ladin should be the one paying(take the frozen assets) (and if countries like France and Spain have a problem with that then start a re eval on the aid and agreemants when make to them as well.)
    This is a feelgood liberal response so some in the Govt can say "see we acted and we care" but like everything else the Govt does they make it worse. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO READ UP ON THE HISTORY OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY AND HOW IT WAS FORMED(WHAT IT TOOK)

    GOVT WAS NOT DESIGNED OR CREATED TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM LIFE. (God was/is) Govt is the New religion-we hear your pain and we can take care of your life. But if we have pray in shcool=look out!! Yes there is sep. from church and State but NOT religion from society.

    Things happen even bad things but my God is there ANYBODY out there that has not had things go wrong for them!!!

    Govt will never equal the love for ,money given, or real magical connections that everyday Americans have for the victims of 9/11 or for any others suffering. They are doing it right now(and that wont stop anytime soon)
    Good Luck

    so OK I'll get off the box now
  10. by   Mkue
    Great idea to take the frozen assets and let Bin Ladin PAY for this.

    After all he has more than admitted his involvement ! Make the gloating terrorists PAY for this.

  11. by   nurs4kids
    Damn, Suz..where'd you dig this up???
    YOU'RE 100% correct!!! This is ridiculous!!!! Furthermore, adding insult is the ASSUMPTION of what their annual increase d/t would have been (shown under step 2) = 6.6%/yr. OBVIOUSLY these people assumed none of them were nurses, or that would have been figured much lower. Sadly enough, many of these people had life insurance, received other types of assistance and now will sponge more $$ from taxpayers. My question is this...

    why and what is the gov't doing?????

    Bobbi, to preach peace, you sure do work hard at stirring ****. Another attempt to turn the focus toward self, eh?
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  12. by   Q.

    No, I believe in fighting for democracy and capitalism.....not socialism.
    Socialism is not freedom in my book.
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  13. by   3651bht
    So what you're saying is we have socialism in this country now... Interesting... Keep up the good fight...

  14. by   donmurray
    Socialism? In what way? President Bush's government may have been labeled many things, but that is extreme!
    Love from the ever so slightly pink-tinged UK