I am bored

  1. Anyone up for chat?
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  3. by   MJ-12
    i am in the chat room but no one is in there
  4. by   angelbear
    I am headed there hope you are still there.
  5. by   MJ-12
    Having troubble getting in?
  6. by   angelbear
    Ok apparently I am an idiot cause I am there but it does not show me or anyone there.
  7. by   MJ-12
    what room are you in? it says #allnursing or something like that?
  8. by   angelbear
    I dont know it just says channel:0people topic. I think i am an idiot that or maybe I am banned and dont know it or something. Geesh this is depressing.
  9. by   MJ-12
    type in the command line

    /join #allnurses
  10. by   angelbear
    Ok I tried that but everything that i type just disappears when I hit enter. I dont get it I have chatted here before. This is just not my day all the way around But thanks for responding I was beginning to think I was invisible.
  11. by   MJ-12
    its ok we can chat another day
  12. by   angelbear
  13. by   Nurse Ratched
    It frequestly takes a while for the chat to load up. When it says channel:0people topic, you are not in the room yet. Try giving it a minute or so .