I am a very, very TIRED NURSE MOM.

  1. I had the worst nerves brake down the other day - I thought I was going to die. My head and stomach hurted so badly - felt dizzy all day and vomited several times.

    I'm a single mother and nurse who realized I can't do it all.

    Life seems to fall apart when:
    I am so overwork in my nursing careers that I am too tired to gives care/attention to my child as much as I want.
    I can't work, because I don't have an available babysitter and/or my child is sick.
    My child's school is giving me problems.
    I don't make enough money in my nursing jobs to order 2 meals at McDonalds. My child would ask me if I would like one of his french fries.
    And I watch my child's father pick him up in a mercedes for his visitations, while I drag myself to work.