Hubby wants to relocate to San Diego? Help!

  1. You guys! My husband wants to drag me away from my place of birth, where the sun shines so brightly that it buckles the dashboard of my car...where you are lulled to sleep at night by the sounds of hoodlums congregating in the parking lot and alarms ringing lyrically in the night air...wait. I'm forgetting why I was opposed to this in the first place! :>) What I'm wondering is how you guys in California feel about the state of nursing there- I'm imagining, and I could be way off-base here, that it is ver different from where we are, considering the progressive nature of the state and all. Any input? My chief concern is that we won't be able to get by financially, and that we'll never be able to buy a house. Is this realistic? My husband works in sociology- not exactly rolling in the bucks there! He told me last night that he's sick to death of what he refers to as the 'crotch of America' and wants to return to his home state (originally he's from Bakersfield and Anaheim). Help me! I know I'm being irrationally fearful here, but I need reassurance! I'm predicting major culture shock. Input anyone?

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  3. by   KRVRN
    I live in SD. I don't know about culture shock... I've never lived anywhere else. Umm, obvoiusly can't speak of differences in the state of nursing here. Maybe some of the travelers out there can comment on that.

    As far as a house... I make about $22/hour and I would be seriously strapped to afford my 2 bedroom APARTMENT by myself. My RENT is $1275. I live in a fairly nice place though. (Not posh, that'll be over $2000) Of course you can find apts less than that. You won't find anything under about $800-- and that's for a 1 bedroom.

    Houses are $200K plus. Anything listed under that will be a dump in a dumpy area. From what I've heard from my home-owning coworkers that have bought recently, their house payments are around $1900-2000 a month unless you have a large down payment. Just a few years ago houses were a lot less. You could find them under $200K and monthly payments were closer to my rent amount. You just HAVE to have 2 incomes.

    THERE'S HOPE. Up in northern SD and out east homes are going for a lot less. Same with apt rent. BUT-- those areas are quite a distance away from the several major areas. That means a commute. Probably in traffic. Figure maybe an hour for what would take 20 minutes without traffic. It all depends. You do get used to traffic though and if you can get used to it, buying a house in those areas isn't so bad.

    THERE'S MORE HOPE. Those areas up north and out east are being developed fairly quickly. You won't be so far from things. Nice, but home prices will eventually go up too. Out east people complain about how hot it is. I can't say whether that's why it's not as developed, I'm just not sure. My guess is that you can handle heat! ;-)

    But our weather is just so damn nice here. Summers are fairly mild without nasty humidity. If it's humid, it's usually not hot on top of it. It mostly only rains in the winter. Just the other day we had our first rain in 159 days. Not fun if you like the rain though. Winters are mild too. It's November and I'm wearing shorts today. Out east we have mountains that get a smidge of snowfall and gets somewhat cold. NEVER below zero.

    Hopefully someone else can give you more input on the state of nursing here...

    Kristi :-)
  4. by   kids
    San Diego has a really cool Zoo.

    Can I rent your house when you move?

  5. by   Jenny P
    I was there about 3 years ago for a ANA convention; loved it and want to go back again! You could probably rent out a room for all of the people here who want to be tourists there! You could supplement your income that way!!!!!
  6. by   prmenrs
    I haven't lived here my entire life, just my entire nursing career, which constitues ~ 2/3rds of it. I've never lived in the south. We've had a LOT of travelers from New Orleans and surrounding area lately, and they usually have a great time here.

    Go to That's the SD Union Tribune site, you can look up classifieds for nursing jobs--there's plenty, and housing--expensive, as you've already been warned.

    Try to come for a visit, at least look around. It's a neat place, but if you're totally thrilled in Louisiana, not sure whether you'd like it or not.

    In any case, get jobs first!!