Hubby is home sick

  1. Oh Please tell me why men are such babies???? My hubby is home sick today and driving me crazy. It is my fault, I spoiled him and now I don't know how to unspoil him. I hate that he is ruining my morning routine, I can't get anything done. I finally made him take some nyquil so he will sleep and I can get my stuff done. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, sorry for the rant.
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  3. by   jnette
    hee, hee... tell him he really needs to get out more often !
  4. by   suzannasue
    BadBird...I feel your pain and know, I am NOT responsible for my hubby being spoiled and frequently tell him " I never wanted a son !!!! "...I often am amazed at the "illnesses" that render him bedbound... I have already told my daughters that when I become older and perhaps quite sick, I would prefer they take over my matters not that I have a high temperature or am vomiting toenails or have a broken bone...he is always more symptomatic and can lie in the bed of helplessness 24/7...I should have never broken my promise to myself..."never get involved with a man who has a living mother"...such digression to his childhood...makes me quite angry that an adult has such behavior... my answer to his various symptoms of the day is usually...go to the doctor/dentist, take something for your symptom or just shut up, I am not your MAMA !!!!! He is also a nurse and I have no patience with the whining...
    Perhaps some of the male members of this BB can enlighten us to the psychological/genetic origins of male behavior degeneration during sickness...ick...
    Hope he went beddy bye and allowed you to get on with your day...
  5. by   jemb
    My sweetie turns into a real whiner, too when he's sick. I sometimes have to give him a 'gentle' reminder, such as "Honey, I know you're sick, and I'm sorry you don't feel well. But if you whine at me one more time, you're going to feel worse!"
  6. by   Brownms46
    My ex was in the hospital once d/t HTN and had a IV. Of course being 6'4" when ever he stood up, the IV would back up! Nooo first was whinning because they had to shave the hair off his arm, when they put the IV in!!! Well everytime I turned around he was ringing the call bell for the nurse! I finally told him if he touched that call bell again I was going to pull it out the wall!!!

    I know the nurses hated it when I went home...:chuckle. One nite he had the nerve to call me, and ask me to bring him some Oreos at NIGHT! I had a baby under 2 with a trach, and a five year old at home!! If he got those OREOs everyone on this board got them...:chuckle!
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Having had 90 kidney stones, my DH knows the true meaning of pain, appreciates nurses and prefers really to be left alone when sick. I'm the whinner.
  8. by   nakitamoon
    Fortunatly,,,, both dh and I,,,, just like to be left alone when we aren't feeling well,,,, he may ask,,,, if he can get me something,,, or do something,,,,, I will do the same for him,,,, but just let us get over it,,,,,,, lol,,,, thank goodness,,,, Nik~
  9. by   RRMLPN
    Wish my dh liked to be left alone when sick. Instead he lays on the couch constantly saying do i have a fever? Take my temp.. i'm thirsty, i need another blanket etc, lol and he's a nurse too!!
  10. by   Flynurse
    Maybe you shouldn't have made him put the new windows in while it was still chilly outside! :chuckle

    Just Kidding!
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    I must be lucky . . my husband likes to be left alone when sick and actually has to be pretty close to dead to stay home sick in the first place. Farm boys . .ya gotta love em.
  12. by   MandyInMS
    Knowww where ya comin from BadBird..I got one of "babies" heavens he's not sick often, but when he is ughhhhh..whine whine whine...ohhh and don't forget the over-dramatic 'puppy dog eyes' look soooo pitiful...Funny though , if I'm sick all I hear is "what's for supper", "did ya iron my dark green pants" ,"we're out of milk", yadda yadda :/
  13. by   BadBird
    Well, I finally dragged DH to the Dr. and he did have a nasty ear infection so now that he is on antibiotics and allergy medication he is feeling better. Still driving me crazy but it is too late to unspoil him.
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hope he's better soon.