How To Annoy People at Christmas

  1. How To Annoy People at Christmas!

    • Go to the mall with your roommate and sit on Santa's lap. Flirt with Santa.
    • Claim you were a Christmas tree in your former life. If anyone tries to bring one into the room, make a big scene about how they're murdering your relatives.
    • Hang mistletoe in the doorway. Stand at the door all day giving big wet kisses to anyone who approaches (neighbors, mailman, census takers, etc.).
    • Hang a stocking with your roommate/spouse's name on it. Collect coal and sharp objects in it. If they ask, say "You've been very naughty this year."
    • Sit in a corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth chanting, "Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town..."
    • Watch your roommate/spouse while they are sleeping. When they wake up sing, "He sees you when you're sleeping..."
    • Paint your nose red and wear antlers. Sulk in a chair whining about how you never get to join in any reindeer games.
    • Make anatomically correct gingerbread people and eat the best parts first.How To Annoy People at Christmas
    • Wear a Santa suit all the time. Deny you're wearing it.
    • Wear a poinsettia pinned to your lapel. A big one.
    • Jump out of bed in the morning trembling and screaming "Ghost of Christmas Future, have mercy on my soul!"
    • Carry jingle bells around and ring them constantly, repeating "Every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings!"
    • Whenever people leave the room, rearrange some items. Insist that Santa's elves must have done it!
    • Skulk around muttering "Bah Humbug!"
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