How smart are you?

  1. Interesting intelligence test:
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  3. by   frannybee

    9/11, I'm an Honour Student apparently. I don't know innings and I forgot Bible Stories 101.

    <Your Projected Love Life: Not Bad! Expect your love life to bloom soon!>

    Wonder what my other half will think?
  4. by   Lausana
    You GOT a score of 4 out of 11
    You rating: I'm sure your good at sports...

    Now Here's the Twist, your answers not only can tell your current intelligence, but the combination can also forcast your upcoming love life:

    Your Projected Love Life: Your a Super Stud. Look for a steller love life

    Apparently I'm stupid! But brain hasn't really warmed up yet...think I'll retest after I have my Mt Dew. :chuckle
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Honor Student here... I missed the widow one, moses one, and pill one... DUH!
  6. by   deespoohbear
    Says I am an honor student....hmmm...
  7. by   cactus wren

    they want me to come and work for them....

    On the other hand my love life is mediocre....

    Man do they have that right...!!
  8. by   subec

    They got the love life thing right---mediocre!!!
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    9/11 says I am an honor student w/a not bad love life. Ok then.
  10. by   Stargazer
    10/11. I are smart!

    Unfortunately, they had it right about the mediocre love life too. Judging by the results trends, I guess I need to dumb it down if I want that to improve, huh?
  11. by   kittyw
    11/11 You rating: Only 3 people have ever scored this high

    I needed that today!!
  12. by   JedsMom
    9/11 honor student
  13. by   whipping girl in 07
    Hey, I got 11/11 too. I guess more than 3 people must have scored this high, if we're two of them!!
  14. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    I got the 10 out of 11 thing too missed the division lol, always knew math wasn't my forte...... oh well, at least if nursing falls through they want to hire me