How powerful are thoughtless words

  1. In between 12 hour shifts, I sliced and diced and made a nice healthy stir fry. Much love in providing my loved one with good nutrition before beginning a 12 hour shift.

    No thanks, just "look at the mess".

    Words can be very powerful.

    Starve from now on b*tch. There is a drive-thru at McD's that's convenient. LOL
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    LMAO! I know they feeling! Some people are just "half-empty" kind of people.

    3rdShiftGuy, you can come and cook for me anytime, and I will always willingly clean up the remnants of a home-cooked meal without any rude comments.

  4. by   tattooednursie
    I like stir -fri. Come cook for me and obnurseheather!
  5. by   baseline
    My honey cooks and I do the dishes.....although he's a pretty good pickeruper...........
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    A man that cooks stir fry for his woman, between shifts???? She has no idea what a treasure she has!! I'd be happy if my husband cooked anything outside of a frozen pizza in the microwave!
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    <<uses my bodacious booty to bump heather and mandi outa the way....>>
    ..."i will take care of that poor needy guy!!!"
  8. by   Stargazer
    Um, if I'm remembering some of 3rd Shift's other posts correctly, it's not a lady who's enjoying his culinary prowess.

    That said, when one person cooks? The other one ALWAYS has to do the dishes. Without b*tching. It's an immutable rule. <shakes head sadly> Some people's kids.....
  9. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    Um, if I'm remembering some of 3rd Shift's other posts correctly, it's not a lady who's enjoying his culinary prowess.
    d@mn, baby..why you gotta be ruining our fantasies of a man who cooks?
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    I cook 5 days a week for my family and most of the time they just woof it down. I get little thanks and heaven forbid I cook something new.
    I getting a little fed up with it too.
    3rd shift guy... from now on it should be every man for himself!
  11. by   nursegoodguy
    Hey 3rd shift guy...

    Stir Fry...I can be there in about 20 minutes!

    And I'd say please, thank you plus I'd clean up the kitchen!
  12. by   Youda
    So what did you do to tick her off?
    I suppose if I say that, I won't get any of the sitr fry? (Sigh)
  13. by   CountrifiedRN
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    Um, if I'm remembering some of 3rd Shift's other posts correctly, it's not a lady who's enjoying his culinary prowess.
    Oops...well in that case, he has no idea what a treasure he has!
  14. by   hoolahan
    My husband does most of the cooking too, and I do the dishes. Now, let me tell you why hubby cooks, b/c he can't keep his freaking hands out of my dinners! If I am making something, he will add seasonsings HE likes while I am in the bathroom, or in the basement getting laundry. To me that is SO insulting!!! Then the kids..."chicken again?" Uh, anyone else want to take $150 and go to the market and buy enough food to feed four people, two of them teens without bottoms to their stomachs? They're damn lucky we aren't eating P&J sandwiches q night!

    I do have to say one teensy thing though. I wash the dishes for my husband when he cooks. I am the kind of person who will wash a bowl after I am done, while something is simmering, so there is less to clean up at the end. Also I have no idea why he requires seven pots and pans to make one bowl of spagetti. A frying pan to brown the meat, a large pot to boil the noodles, a strainer, a pasta server, 4 place seetings, a cutting bord for the bread and salad fixings and bowl for the salad. That's all you need. For some reason, he's got to use every mixing bowl, pot and pan in the house, and that is a little irritating.

    But, I usually don't say anything b/c I appreciate his efforts, I truly do. In fat, usually I start washing stuff before he's done, so I am not overwhelmed w his mess.

    Ever since my husband has watched those cooking shows, he thinks he is a gourmet cook. Once, he used Jimmy Dean Bkft sausage in a meatloaf, to add a new flavor. It was sooooooo bad, even the dog wouldn't eat it!! LOL!! He is a little heavy on the pepperachino, whatever the hell that is. I threw the last bottle out, but apparently, he has bought a new one...I think it's gonna get lost again, by accident of course! I finally had to tell him, hon when I eat spaghetti, I like to taste the tomatoes in it, and all that pepper flake junk makes it taste like tacos, and gives me wicked heartburn that I'll be up all night chewing TUMS. He was very insulted, but it was tell him, or eat a P&J sandwich. Sometimes his experiments go awry and he gets all mopey and grumpy if we don't eat it, so we will try to feed some to the dog when he's not looking.

    Me? I am a one-pot kind of gal. Take a chicken, throw it in a pot, add potatoes, carrots, green beans, a little water onions, and season w poultry seasoning, stick it in the oven, take it out 2 hrs later. One pot to clean, period!

    Holy smokes, will someone shut me up? I am having verbal diarrhea lately!