How my life has changed since Tuesday.

  1. On Tuesday morning I got up, showered, got my books together, and started off to school. On the way, I said my usual, "Thank you for today God" sentence, and thought "What a beautiful day today is!!!!". I went to class and someone came in and said something about an "airplane crash" without ellaborating. I thought "I hope everyone is OK".

    After class, my friend and I were waiting for our next class and the president sent an announcement out stating...."by executive order, the university will be closed and everyone is to go directly home because of the incidents that recently happened". Home I went.

    I live about 3/4 of a mile from a major east coast Air Force Base, and I drive by there every day. When all of this happened on Tuesday, I hadn't paid much attention to the military in the area. They were just part of the "norm" around here.

    I was on my way home from class on Tuesday and came by the base and looked at the gates that allow access to the base. The soldiers were dressed in full "war" uniform. From the helmet to the loaded rifles. The highway going by the base had military as well as state police and local police along the fenceline standing guard. As I went home, I also had to drive past base housing which is located off base in a tiny little town. One entrance had been completely closed off and the other entrance had cement barracades with armed guards.

    When I got home, it really hit me. We were in grave danger. All I could think about was gathering my family around me and not letting go. I cried for those that were lost, I cried for those affected by this heinous act, I cried for my country.

    I went by every day since. They are still "locked down". They are still guarding the base. But now they have resumed flying and I find myself stopping whatever I am doing and listening to the sound of the planes flying overhead, with the thought "I hope it is ours" going through my head. The helicopters are bringing in the dead from the pentagon making everyday a sad day. A day of mourning.

    My life and the way I look at it has changed forever. I thank God every morning that I have another day with my family. Another day with the freedom that I have, in the past, taken for granted, another day that our great country's military is here to protect me and my national "family".

    This is how my life has changed. How about anyone else?
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  3. by   NurseAngie
    I know how you feel. I am married to a military man and we're stationed overseas. We're due to leave here in just a few weeks. The threat is very real to Americans and I pray for all of our safety. I had to go through very tight security just to come use the computer today on base. I don't mind because it means that my husband is safer at work. I did not send my children to school, although it had reopened for Friday. Of course that base is also secured, but these are my babies. My six year old (who's had his daddy home every night since he was 10 months old) told my husband that he doesn't want him to go on a ship to go fight. That is where he's headed next. It weighs heavy on my heart. My husband LOVES his job and LOVES his country. I am proud! I am proud of all of our sailors, soldiers and airmen. I don't want to live in fear. I want to be free. God Bless America!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Tueday's horrific incident also changed my life and for many others. It is providing a stronger lesson in life that we should never ever take anything that we do or anything that we have for granted. We should be thankful for what we all have at this particular time instead of focusing on what we don't have that are things that we don't even need. Before tuesday I kept wishing oh I wish I have more money to do this or have this or that but now I am just wishing for peace and hope that more people are reunited with their love ones and/or get support they need to make it through this if they lost their loved ones. It has also really opened my eyes to see how much trouble the U.S. was really in with the middle east beforehand I really never paid much attention but sadly after Tuesday's incident it has forever changed I will certainly now be paying more attention to everything no matter how small instead of showing ignorance to what is going on with other countries because you never know what kind of impact this may have. I also wish people would stop being so immature and blaming president bush for this whole incident. I am not a bush fan and I did not vote for him but Bush should not be blamed for this. I think Bush is appearing to handle this well and doing a good job so far. I have so many feelings and emotions about the incident that words cannot express and I am having trouble with this. I live about 1600 miles from New York but feel so close to it all within my heart as I know virtually everyone feels the same too. Not a day has gone by that I don't stop and cry to think about it. Everyday when my little girl tells me mommy I love you I stop to think about the little girls and boys that no longer have their mommies and daddies, the husbands that lost their wifes and vice versa. Parents losing their children, relatives losing relatives, friends losing friends and the list go on and on.