How many sets of scrubs do you own?

  1. Good morning all,
    Just curious how many sets of scrubs everyone has hanging in their closet.
    I am RN student, starting a new job as a nursing assistant in two weeks and haven't a clue how many sets I should have to start with.

    So, how many do you have?
    Prints or solids?
    Any brand better than another?


    Of course, if I don't have enough, its a wonderful excuse to go shopping, eh?
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    I have approx 25....but I obviously don't need that many, but I personally like having the variety and the option to be opppossed to wearing the same outfit day after day. Good luck!
  4. by   Tweety
    I have 5. All different colors. Solid. No whites.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Seven pairs of white pants, and 32 scrub tops. Some solids, some prints. The ones I like best are the ones that I had custom made.
    But, the best pants are Bobbie Brooks from Walmart.
    A couple of pairs of my Bobbie Brooks are 8 years old, but still look good.
  6. by   nightingale
    Let's see, probably 10-12 pair of slacks and about 20 tops (including stretch T's that I wear with lab coats). I have so many slacks because of the color variety of the season as well as having the basic whites for all seasons. I have about 4 lab coats with 2 extra ones that need mending.

    I Prefer wearing lab coats over my T's. For me, it looks more professional but I am "older" and like that look in my primarily med/surg - tele positions as an Agency Nurse.

    My favorite brands for slacks are Landau and a new one with cool pockets that advertise "no pouching" by Bosco (sp?). Bosco also makes lab coats and another good one for lab coats are a company called Peaches. Peaches also makes very cool tops.

    Have fun with your new job! Enjoy the variety of spring and summer choices of clothing!

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  7. by   Spidey's mom
    No scrub pants. I do not like them, Sam I am . . . .

    I wear white denim jeans. I have 4 scrub tops, red, blue, pink (not bright pink and the top was my daughter's idea - I'm not crazy about pink) and white. Most of the time I wear a t-shirt type top. I wear a long white lab coat usually.

  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Denims are not allowed where I work. They are a violation of the "dress code" rofl.

    We wear company scrubs, which is great, Saves BIG On laundering, replacement and repair costs. It's the ONLY way to go. NO germies from work coming home on clothes, either!

    So I OWN few scrubs, mostly those leftover from the days when I worked where we had to buy and maintain our own uniforms. Don't miss those days, really.
  9. by   kastas
    I have 2 pairs of scrubs that fit me, thanks to gaining so much weight. I can survive that way b/c I never work 3 in a row. But, I probably have 25 pairs in my closet. Thanks to having 3 kids and being a different size before and after each one. My favorite are the Sam's Club ones, I can't think of the brand off the top of my head. They are lighter weight than others I have found and quickly get the worn comfortable feel.
  10. by   Houstonnurse
    OH GOSH, I have soooooooooooo many scrubs/sets that I could clothe a whole ward of large hospital. I just want to have a choice in the morning,(depending on my color mood), a sense of style,(regardless I am gonna still look like a baggy pant---whatever.)
    I used to buy them new, but I have found that if ya hit the resale shops regularly, you can get the nicest scrubs for almost nothing. (but do try on the pants, cause too many people hem 'em up!)
    I really need to get rid of a bunch of them, as I've gotten older, they shrunk! LOL
    Funny story though.
    When I first started working agency, I was soooooooo goo-goo at all the big money I was making, my children were gone, and it was MY turn to spend on me (and there was a uniform shop in the hospital that had payroll deduct even for agency) that I bought 3 thousand dollars worth of scrubs that year. (back in 1990)
    (Wellllllllllll)- at least they were Tax deductable~ ROTFL
  11. by   NurseDixie
    Let me think a minute...I have 3 prs of white pants, 3 prs colored pants (tan,blue,maroon)3 print scrub tops, 2 solid scrub tops, 3 solid lab jackets, 3 print lab jackets, 2 stretch t-shirts(Dickies brand, they're so comfortable). I have 2 prs sneaker type shoes, 1 pr Birkies clogs. That's about it.
  12. by   movealong
    I had maybe 12-16 pairs. But only because every time I changed jobs, the new place would only allow certain colors, so I would have to buy more.

    I held a yard sell recently and sold 10 sets. I asked 5 per set and 5 bucks per lab coat. I still have a few sets left. I'm saving them just in case I ever have to go back to work in a hospital.

    Personally, I can think of better things to do with my money than spent it on scrubs. How many do ya need? Depends on how often you want to do laundry.
  13. by   sagelola
    Cameron67, thanks for this post, I was wondering the same thing!

    That said, I start working next week. I have been accumulating scrubs since the beginning of the year, knowing I would be trying to get a job. I have 11 pairs of pants (still no white ones, though), 13 tops, 8 jackets. I have made about 6 of the tops and one of them was made a little too big (so I think I will give it away if I find a suitable recipient).

    I am not done buying/making, either. Since I got a job in a children's hospital I feel like I can wear more fun and child oriented prints than what I had originally intended (when thinking I would get a job in an adult hospital). All of the tops I currently have are prints...I would like to get some solids.

    So, I have a you think that nurses who wear prints are still taken seriously? or are you taken more seriously if you wear solids??
  14. by   leslie :-D
    i have tons of white pants but that's because in addition to white showing everything, i'm a slob also. as for tops, i don't care for scrub tops but i do wear the long lab coats; they hide a multitude of sins.