How many nurses out there, were born into nursing?

  1. Hi my name is Annie
    New to this web site and so far have enjoyed reading the boards but am new to the lingo and ettiquete so if I screw up,forgive me!
    I have worked in the medical field as na, cna, RN for the last 17years, and I am also daughter of a retired RN, and after listening to her for the last 30 years, I think I've heard everything there is about nursing as she was a E.R. ICU nurse and had worked in the VA> for many years.
    Inorder to miss school you had to be near death, suck it in and go to school now, was my mom's saying, for I have to go to work!
    She worked two jobs and went to nursing school after my dad died with three kids to raise!
    And after being in the military myself and working several different jobs, retail being the worst, I opted to becoming a nurse!
    My mom about had a fit, what after all the horror stories you've heard from me your becoming a nurse........
    Oh well, 5 years, as an RN have been some of the best days I've had both fullfilling and nurturing and some of the worst days ive ever had .......
    So how many of us our out there..........?
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    ME!~ Although i'm not a nurse YET! My mom always said "You're not bleeding, and you're screaming, so you're fine" lol. I think this thread couuld be interesting to see how many second generation or even third generation nurses there are!

  4. by   bandaidexpert
    I have been in nursing all my life, CNA and so on. My mother is a retired nurse, my older sister is a nurse, my younger sister is a nurse and my baby sister is a CNA. Oh, the dinner table conversations!!!!:chuckle
  5. by   oh-agnurse
    I'm only three years new to nursing, but I swear it has been in my blood, or genetic make-up!! My grandmother,great-aunt, 2 aunts, and mother are all nurses. My sister the oddball is an OT.
  6. by   live4today
    My mother use to work as a hospital aid, as did several of her sisters. My father use to be a heart and lung technician. I have a male cousin who is a podiatrist, and a female cousin who is a RN like myself. My daughters have an interest in the health field because of my nursing career. One is already a nurse. One use to be a medic in the Army, and the youngest is still in college thinking about becoming a Nurse Midwife or MD one day. So, I'm sure having health professionals in a family greatly influence one's decision to go into it or to avoid it at all cost.